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diablo9 - Season 21 Prep & Guides

Hey everyone!

Season 21 is around the corner and so I want to share some guides I made, in case anyone still needs to look up some of the new builds. Since I did not cover a lot of the new Necro stuff myself, I asked our beloved
raxxanterax - Season 21 Prep & Guides

Raxxanterax whether to include some of his here for completion. Also, do NOT complete the challenge rift until the season has started!

Patch Notes

TL;DR – What to expect: S21 brings a new DH and Necro set. GoD DH in particular is super strong and will probably be the best solo build from now on. Support DH is a thing now. Necro set is mediocre, but good for farming. They also got some huge buffs to Grim Scythe and Corpse Explosion, possibly rivaling the nerfed WD in 4man. Rats have lost some power and are now around on par with the new GoD DH 4man XP meta. Double and triple support setups for XP farming are both absolutely acceptable, in fact it's hard to tell without large amount of data which setup would eventually perform the best after full optimization. Due to the nerfs, GR150 might not be so accessible anymore, but the season theme could have a huge impact here.

Build guides:

GoD DH In-Depth Guide

UE Hungering Arrow

Support DH

Shadow's DH

Multishot Necro T16 (Bone Spear – Teeth with new set)

Corpse Explosion Nec (by Raxx)

Grim Scythe Nec (by Raxx)

Obviously there are a lot more on both of our channels, so if you are looking for older builds you are advised to scroll a bit, most old builds didn't change.

D3planners: I have all relevant D3planners prepared and sorted for next season in a separate channel on my Discord, with different setups for T16/Solo/XP/4man etc. Typically you will also find the associated D3planner links in the description of their respective build guides.

General guides:

Challenge Rift for season start

Season Theme (keep in mind this is not the final iteration because it got changed after PTR, but it will give you a better idea of what it actually does)

Tier List:
wudijo |
Raxx (I put both here because we have a different focus in how we make them)


My Rank 1 Solo GR expectations for S21 are: DH 150, WD 150, Nec 148, Crus 148, Barb 148, Monk 145, Wiz 143. 4man ~4:00 with WD/Crus and ~4:30 with Necro/Crus. Although that depends a lot on how much the season theme got changed (nerfed), we might see all of them at 150 after all. I took nonseasonal P6000+ expectations and added 2-4 tiers for the theme depending on class.

Level 1 Gambling/Cubing Guide (All Classes)

TL;DW: With the mats from challenge rift you can gamble/cube items at level 1. There are some really strong choices for every class that will speed up the leveling process. If you're not aware which items you should go for, check it out (I cover each class in 1-2min each, with timestamps). Singling out the two most important ones as text here:

DH: Cube dagger for Karlei/Greenstone. If you get Karlei, gamble for Holy Point Shot at lvl 31. If not, save or gamble for Wraps of Clarity/other utility items.

Nec: Cube 2h Scythe for Bloodtide/Reilena/Nayr's. Gamble gloves for Corpse Explosion. Even the combo Bloodtide + Corpse Explosion is fine, Necro is very strong for leveling.

Leveling Guide for Season Start

TL;DW: Typical strategies are T6 Halls of Agony, massacre bonuses and plain nephalem rifts. In addition, there is also the Cursed Chest strategy, which is typically the best option if your group has at least one Necromancer, examples by Raxx and sVr here. DH solo leveling by me here. Top times are below 1h like that.

Good resources for Season start:

Bagstone's season journey tracker

Kadala gambling table

Worldwide leaderboards (incl. China)

Bonus: A comedic montage on How to prepare for Season 21

If you have any comments/questions even about build specifics etc., feel free to reply here and I'll do my best to cover it all! I will check in a few times during the day before the season begins.

Personally, I'll be playing GoD DH, support DH and possibly the new Necro set later in the season, going for a nice solo clear of course. I'm planning to go pretty hard during the first weekend and then play in the evenings afterwards since I am working full time. This means less than last time, but there will still be plenty of time for some memes later on 😉 I'll be teaming up with my friends sVr_90 and Northwar, who will also be streaming, filling the last spot with our clan mate Xabster.

Have a good season everyone!

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