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Season 22 Necromancer Cheat Sheet

diablo9 - Season 22 Necromancer Cheat Sheet

edit#gid=0 - Season 22 Necromancer Cheat SheetSeason 22 Necromancer Cheat Sheet

I'm never sure which items to keep or salvage beyond my current gear, so I've made a spreadsheet to help me keep track. The goal is to 1) quickly see if I need/don't need an item 2)filter down to what I need for when it's time to roll/gamble 3) Link out to the full build to see skills and descriptions.

Right now it's populated with Raxx's Bone spear (Solo, T16, Trash clear, RGK, Solo XP), zNec (Rats, GR150), and Rats (Group, T16, GR150)

Feel free to use, but keep in mind this is a hasty hack job that's useful to me which means it might not be great for everyone

How to use:

  1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet (File > Make a copy)

  2. Sort by the "Item" column to quickly check out if a given drop is something you need

  3. Mark off things you have in the Y/A/P column (Yes, Ancient, Primal)

  4. Mark off things you've cubed in the cube column (can just use an 'X')

  5. The Class and Type columns help you filter down to specifics or know what to roll for if you're gambling/upgrading rare

  6. You can filter out all the non-blank rows for the "I own" columns to see what you need

  7. For builds, The header of the column links to the d3planner/icy-veins I used to add the build the spreadsheet

  8. The top 3 rows are the gems socketed for the build

  9. Filter on the build column to non-blanks to see which items you need for a given build

  10. Use the stat priorities column to see which stats are good for a given item. For different stats for the same item, I've put them in the build column (sometimes)


To add a new build:

  1. Add a new column

  2. Fill in the location (head, finger, cube, etc) for each item e.g. if the build uses Leoric's crown, find the Leoric's Crown row and place 'head' in your build's column

  3. If the item is not on the list, add a new row (Make sure you've cleared all filters)

  4. Fill in the gems for the build

  5. Optional: Fill in the stat priorities for the item

  6. Starting from row 4, Drag a box around the new rows/columns. Go to Data > Turn off Filter, then Data > Turn on Filter (this will make sure your new column will be sorted/filtered with everything else).

If there's builds I'll need for certain conquests I'll add them from icy-veins. I usually throw on a few Bludd builds/variations just to round out my options.

Stat priorities legend:

as – attack speed

ad – area damage

arm – armor

bone > – bone spear damage

cd – cool down reduction

cold – cold damage

cr – resource cost reduction

crit – could be either %chance or dmg, mostly they're in pairs, so I don't specify

elite – reduced damage from elites

int – intelligence

life – % life on hit

lph – life per hit

phys – physical damage

poison – poison damage

res – resist all elements

skel – skeletal mage damage

str – strength

vit – vitality

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