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Season 22 Updated Clone Leveling Guide for PC

diablo7 - Season 22 Updated Clone Leveling Guide for PC

Fixer's Written Guide for Shrine Shadow Clone Leveling Exclusive to Season 22's Theme

Goal 1-70 sub 60 mins and Chapter 4 of Journey done 90-120min from start.

Note* the guide is written for new players and advanced players interested in organizing their thoughts for an efficient solo softcore leveling method. For very advanced groups you'll obviously be able to take liberties. In hardcore you'll need to adjust the game-difficulty to be safe.

Stay awhile and listen, Nephalem:

  1. Create seasonal toons, equip pet, equip cosmic wings + rainbow portrait to piss off your friends ¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  2. Complete challenge rift,
    8pDryW184GE - Season 22 Updated Clone Leveling Guide for PC
    Here is Rax's s22 CR Guide for easy completion Remember to NOT successfully complete challenge rift until season goes live. You can practice it ahead of time, but never beat the timer until it is officially live. (Takes ~5mins)
  3. Claim cache on lvl 1 character. Cache contains: (475 blood shards, 4.6 million gold, 35 death breath, 100 yellow, 300 blue, 300 white, 15 of each bounty mat act 1-5)
  4. Blood shard at lvl 1 for best odds
    • DH: Bracers > Helm
    • Necro: Gloves > Helm
    • Monk: Bracers > Helm
    • Crusader: Shield > Bracer > Helm
    • Barb: Bracer > Helm
    • WD: Mojo > Helm
    • Wiz: Source > Helm
  5. Rank Black Smith and Mystic to 12. Craft the following but be sure to save 50 yellow shards for cube upgrade:
    • lvl 70 wep with a primary of Life Per Hit and secondary of chance to crowd control (such as freeze on hit)
    • lvl 70 cube item (DH Dagger, Necro 2h Scythe, Monk Daibo, Crusader 1h Flail, Barb 2h Mighty, WD Ceremonial Knife, Wiz Wand)
    • later you'll craft leveling weps. These are crafted only up to the level of your reduced requirement weapon (it's optional and can be done as you level up. lvl 8,12,16,22,26 etc)
  6. Reroll lvl 70 wep, remember roll the secondary affix that is NOT the crowd control so you have best odds of getting reduced level req 30, and remember to still SAVE 50 yellow crystal for upgrading your other item at cube later
  7. Transmog all leveling weps so they don't get auto destroyed during salvage sessions (only protects PC players, doesn't protect items on console)
  8. Torment 6 game equip wep stolen from a follower. Levels 1-12 start shrine leveling. Careful to not get one-shotted while moving forward allowing clone to kill surrounding mobs. If you die clone despawns until you find a new shrine.
  9. Buy rings and amulet of wounding off of vendor in town named "The Fence" can be found in town in each act. You may have to remake game until you find wounding affix which we get for a early big damage boost
  10. Once level 12, set game to Norm or Hard Mode and run to cube. Cube is always found in act 3, Ruins of Sescheron on the north-east part of the 2nd level. Back in town, use recipe #3 to upgrade your lvl70 cube item and recipe #1 to consume the item capturing its legendary power. Careful not to upgrade the reduced req item
  11. T6 game lvl 12-70 continue shrine clone leveling
  12. Once you're lvl 70, lower difficulty to Master. Go between regular rifts and Greater until strong enough for T4.
  13. Kill Cydaea and Skeleton King at any level and on any difficulty, Kill Queen Araneae and Ghom once level 60+ on Hard Mode or higher. Kill Malthael and Izual lvl 70 Master Mode or higher. Kill Diablo at lvl 70 on T2 or higher
  14. After 3 greaters you're likely ready for T4 because in gr run #2 and #3 you'll rank up LoD gem. In the T4 game kill 4x Key Wardens + and Belial at lvl 70 on T4 or higher
  15. If solo you'll then do bounties and Solo gr rank 20 to complete the chapter 4 journey.
    The guide is written for solo players, but if you are leveling with other players you will send 1 player to do the rifts and others split up to do bounties. You can teleport to the rift guardian to loot keys after kill, you can also accept the greater rift invite then exit the greater rift and continue to do bounties while it is in progress then once completed teleport to the player that did the greater rift. Note: if you die in the open world during a greater rift it still counts as a death during the greater and you'll have 1 less attempt to rank your gems. Early on those LoD ranks are exponentially important.

Important warnings, reminders, and FAQ:



  • This guide is not HC friendly. If you put your game on T6 in HC while self leveling on the opener, good fucking luck to you.
  • Only on PC are you able to start the challenge rift slightly before season goes live. All that is required is during the rift timer, kill the challenge guardian once season has officially started. With this, you can potentially shave off 4mins to min/max your start. I personally play it safe and create my seasonal toon before entering challenge rift. Min/Maxers be careful, we have seen delayed season starts. Again, starting slightly early ONLY works on PC!

Friendly Reminders:

  • Save all legendary items to have for Legacy of Dreams at lvl 70 even bad legendaries are better than most good yellows
  • Equipping legendaries = stronger clones. As a formula, Clones do damage based on the # of legendaries equipped and overall sheet damage
  • If you get a bad legendary see if other party members can use it because of the above reasons
  • While leveling, if we ever randomly get shrines effective enough to complete 3 bounties in one act, lower diff to complete the remaining 2 bounties for cache. Note* while you will complete an act for journey, you'll still need 5x Jewel crafting plans which come from odious gobs at lvl 61+ or bounty caches at level 70
  • At lvl 12 clones struggle with damage until lvl 16. It makes a big difference to equip wounding jewelry and those early legendaries
  • In group play you can save rift location progress in rift by "T" back to town then accepting journey-boss fight, after fight use map to get back to town and take your original portal to resume your progress in the rift. You can't do boss fights while a greater rift is in progress in the game.
  • Call out good Goblins while group is split up if they care
  • Once lvl 70 doing 3x Greater rifts is top priority for ranking the Legacy of Dreams (LoD) gem, which is a guaranteed drop on your 2nd greater. Try to pick a rank that is high enough for gem ups but that can be solod right away. Hopefully Rank 10gr. The first greater rift doing rank 1 is fine because you're just there to get bane of the powerful to drop to get that out of the way so you can get LoD gem on the next run.


  • Q: Why do we run to cube at level 12?
  • A: The idea here is to run to the cube when most classes have a movement ability or better aoe attacks to efficiently run a fairly far distance without taking up too much time. Feel free to run to the cube whenever you want. This guide isn't written in stone.
  • Q: Why do you craft Demon Hunter lvl 70 2h bow on a Witch Doctor are you retarded?
  • A: Our lvl 70 reduced req 2h Bow is best crafted and enchanted on a Witch Doctor so that there is no discipline secondary and no dext primary giving us significantly higher chances at the targeted affixes we want (LpH+crowd control). As an alternative you can craft 1h Mace on a DH but take note* 1h maces don't have access to many attacks and you'll now have dexterity on your affix list. At the start of the season every single yellow crystal is precious. You'll only have a few attempts to craft and reroll. I suggest you simply craft the 2h bow on a WD, roll the reduced req, then put it in the bank for your DH.
  • Q: In group when is the best time to split up to do bounties?
  • A: Once you are level 70 and on the highest difficulty you can speed through efficiently. Typically Master difficulty is efficient enough. Remember to have someone running regular and greater rifts while everyone else gets those tedious bounties taken care of. There is another min/max strategy that involves 4 man team 2 teams of 2 in 2x games. 2 players leveling to 70 as fast as possible while targeting finishing all other journey except for the bounties. The 2 other players running bounties in a separate game. When the bounty team finally has a lvl 70 game with all 5 acts done they invite the other 2 geared/fed players. The fed team then get quickly catches the bounty team. Again my guide is written for solo play, true min/maxers won't need or agree with many guides anyway.
  • Q: What are the strongest classes to open the season with?
  • A: Here is my personal tier list sorted by overall feel > character end game power > usefulness > easy to build > best haedrig gift
    • DH, best speeds, very useful, easy to play, best haedrigs
    • Necro, king of season 22, strongest, most useful, fast, but hard to build, hard to master
    • Monk decent overall, great support, fast speeds, strong haedrig
    • Crusader nerfed thorns but still has good meta rift guardian killer build
    • Barb best support class
    • WD chicken molestation is fun for some
    • Wiz blizz meme fails here

Hope the guide helps you out,


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