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Season 23 Mega Guide

diablo4 - Season 23 Mega Guide

Season 23 Mega Guide

This is a revised version of the Season 20 Mega Guide. I decided to go back and clear up a lot of the non-essential information to keep things nice and neat.

This guide is much shorter yet explains the exact same steps in a less wordy and easier to digest fashion.

Table of Contents:

  • Meta Predictions for Season 23
  • Leveling Guide 1-70
  • Post 70 Progress
  • Links and resources

Meta Predictions

For season 23 we saw the re-birth and subsequent re-killing of the Firebirds and Ratham sets. None of these will be meta for season 23 unless Blizzard decides to change things before season goes live.

Note: As of right now there have been “blue posts” on the forums so there's still hope for at least firebirds wizard.

4 man XP meta (may change):

Good old Rat-runs will be the name of the game for 4-man XP meta. The LoD Variant remains the strongest yet for higher tier speeds 1 rat can be swapped with a Bone Spear Necro instead.

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4 man 150 meta:

Season 23 will most likely resemble season 22 very closely in terms of end game GR 150 clears. The top group will consist of 1 Bone Spear necro, 1 FoH Crusader, 1 zBarb and 1 zDH. Again, this may change if Firebirds is re-buffed to S-tier.

Solo XP Meta:

God DH will be the most efficient solo XP farmer with the new follower system. The build has high mobility paired with a screen-wide wip that allows a solo player to drift through GR 110s in 3-ish minutes.

At the end of the day all classes are able to do 140+ so no matter what you decide to play you should be able to get very far indeed.

Zero to Hero Leveling Guide

As always the leveling guide is not about the absolute fastest way of reaching 70, but rather the strategy that I find lends the most solid start. I will include two separate strategies for leveling – both are meant for 4 man groups.

Level 0:

  • Create seasonal character
  • Choose Game Mode > Challenge Rift > Start game
    • Complete the challenge rift
    • Leave game > back to party screen

Level 1:

  • Choose Game Mode > Adventure > Difficulty anywhere between normal and hard
  • Go to followers and equip templar weapon (and shield)
  • Open challenge rift reward box
    • 475 Blood Shards, 4.6 Million gold, 35 Death’s Breath (DB), 100 Veiled Crystal, 300 Reusable parts, 300 Arcane dust, 15 of each bounty material
  • Fully upgrade blacksmith and mystic
    • Craft level 70 Rare Two Handed Axe
    • Preferred Secondary stats are “Life on Hit” or “%chance to ___”
    • Go to mystic and reroll the other secondary stat to reduce level requirement – get as close to 30 as possible. Generally keep any weapon with >25 reduced level.

Level 1 – 10 (getting Cube)

  • (Optional) Complete boss bounty for Magda, Zoltun Kull, Belial or Skeleton King for some guaranteed rare item drops.
  • Go to act 3 Ruins of Sescheron > maintain massacre bonus whilst progressing to the Cube.
    • Do the cursed-chest event before the cube for additional XP
  • Grab the cube and port back to town

Upgrading rare item to a legendary:

  • Craft one more level 70 rare item of the basetype you want to upgrade (see upgrade recommendations below)
    • Open the Cube and upgrade the rare item you crafted via The Hope of Cain recipe (no the rare item with “reduced level requirement” – but the second rare you crafted)
  • Now select the first recipe in the cube (Archives of Tal Rasha) and extract the legendary power from the legendary item you just upgraded.
  • Remember to actually activate the legendary power via the cube.


Cursed chest runs (40-60 minutes)

Level 10 – 40:

Note: this strategy is most efficient with multiple necro’s in the group. Having a strong AoE legendary power in the cube will accelerate this strategy immensely.

  • Leave the game > create a new game > adventure mode > torment 1 – 4
  • Open your map
  • Hover over the exclamation mark to read each bounty in each zone
    • If the bounty name has a “cursed” in it, it is most likely a cursed chest bounty. A full list of the cursed chest bounties can be seen below

Cursed Chest events to look out for are:

By Maxim Houde (comment from



  • Travel to the bounties and complete the cursed chest event.
  • Leave the game once all the bounties have been completed.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Level 40-70:

  • Equip your level 70 rare weapon with “reduced level requirement” and set the torment difficulty to as much as you can manage.
  • Continue spamming cursed chest bounties until you reach level 70

Rift runs (2-3 hours)

Level 10 – 40:

  • Open a rift (around torment 1 difficulty) and complete it.
    • Make sure to collect materials and items to deconstruct at the blacksmith for materials.
  • Check town vendors for +damage rings and other useful items.
  • Make sure to equip any gear upgrades as you run your rifts.
  • Be as fast as possible, focus on killing mobs. Small mobs should die in 1-2 hits, if they die slower lower the difficulty.

Level 40-70:

  • Equip your level 70 rare weapon with “reduced level requirement” and set the torment difficulty to as much as you can manage.
  • Continue to run rifts and gather materials

Post 70 Progression

It’s important to understand why the top players of D3 view the start of a season as a rat race. It's important to be able to get into that same mindset. Basically, the more swiftly one can obtain power (in terms of DPS, paragon levels, primal items etc) the more desirable you become for other groups to play with – making it much easier to join top groups and thus stay ahead of the competition.

If you find other players at your own skill level don't be afraid to add them as friends so you can play with them in the future. This way you’ll gradually build up a community of skilled and active players to play the game with – making group finding much easier and the game much more enjoyable.


Rushing Haedrig’s Gift:

As a fresh level 70 my immediate goals is therefore to power up as fast as possible. This means rushing the free seasonal set for your selected starting class and the main multiplying items for the set (such as Dead Man’s Legacy and Yang’s for an Unhallowed Essence build). I typically choose my starting class based on the sets available; I will also include a tier list for the Haedrig's sets every season below this section.

It takes me about 30-60 minutes to obtain my final Haedrig’s Gift and most beneficial couple of legendaries. Typically the only time consuming challenge here is to complete all bounties – make sure to be in a 4 man group for this or it will take a very long time to get done.

Getting the first gear upgrades:

At the beginning of a season it can be difficult to obtain the gear pieces you need for your build. It’s a good idea to focus on the biggest multiplier items first. By running nephalem rifts on T13+ you’ll be able to farm a boatload of DB’s. Use these in the cube to upgrade yellow items of the item-base you need into legendary items. If you are lucky you'll be able to drop the desired item pretty fast – keep in mind that GR’s are a good way to gain items also.

Furthermore I recommend communication within your group. If you get a decent Legendary that you can’t use link it in group chat; someone else might need it – and this will help the group as a whole gain power much faster.

Reaching Late Game Build:

Once I have a starting build set up (capable of speeding at least T13) I begin focusing my attention on obtaining the items for an end game build, or the build I desire to run for the season (in some cases I skip the Haedrig’s entirely and simply rush for my end game). The nature of this build is determined by what me and my group have decided pre season launch – that is to say, am I going to run Rift Guardian Killer (RGK) for my group? Or maybe I will be Support Barb? In any case I will know this before the season starts and aim to gear for that specific role ASAP.

Once all the members of my group have reached their desired build (usually after 4-6 hours of hitting 70) we will start focusing our attention on Paragon farming by powering through high GR’s in 3-5 minutes – usually around GR 90-105 at paragon 400-500.

Gear Optimization and Late Game Grind:

From here on out the primary focus is to level Legendary Gems for Augments and additional damage, as well as converting our terrible opening equipment into Ancient Legendary items. Each item slot has a different priority when it comes to upgrading Legendaries to ancients:

  • Mainhand (Biggest damage boost)
  • Gloves (Offensive item slot = large damage boost)
  • Helmet (Offensive item slot)
  • Remaining set items
  • Jewelry

After obtaining Legendary gem levels and a few Ancient Legendary items it is time to augment. Usually you want to augment items using gems at a minimum level of 95-100 and the augmentation priority is the opposite of the ancient legendary priority – you want to augment simple item slots (such as cest, boots and shoulders) first. The reason for this is that the simpler the rolls on an item slot are, the smaller the chances of finding a meaningful upgrade are thus allowing your Augments to stay relevant for a longer period of time.

Now that my group has ancient legendary items with a few augments we have more or less arrived at end game. The goal from here on out is to reach around paragon 1500, full augments and push for that 150 GR clear.

Links and Resources

Season 23 (PTR) Patch Notes:

I highly recommend you read these for in depth information on the new items / sets and changes to existing items.

D3 Planner (Diablo 3 ressource):

The undisputed most in-depth tool for more or less anything Diablo 3. Unsure if your 20% Cold Damage roll is better than 100% crit damage? Simply copy your Battletag into this brilliant calculator and compare:

D3 planner Kadala drops:

An additional addon to D3 planner. This page covers the possible drops from blood shards.

Diablo 3 season tracker:

A site that makes it easy to navigate and plan your season journey ahead of time. It’s a simple resource, but very useful. This site keeps up to date and often posts the season journey guide pre season launch.

sVr – streamer and youtuber:

sVr is a Diablo 3 GOD. If you are looking for super in-depth information about D3 make sure to watch his videos and his streams on twitch. For end game, meta information few people come close to sVr's expertise.

Raxxanterax (Youtuber):

Raxxanterax is an up and coming D3 youtuber who does a great job at methodically explaining and breaking down the meta builds for end game. Rax’s videos cover both solo builds and group builds alike. For more in depth knowledge and great guides have a look at his youtube channel!

Bluddshed (Diablo Youtuber and streamer):

Blud is probably my favorite Diablo 3 youtuber; he is laid back, enjoyable to watch but most importantly of all his content mirrors some of the higher-end strategies and meta-builds in the game. If you have questions for the specific playstyle of any builds posted on this guide I recommend you browse through Blud’s videos.

  • TekhniqueGaming - Season 23 Mega Guide

Rhykker (Diablo Youtuber):

If you are new to the game and enjoy playing solo I also recommend giving Rhykker’s channel a once-over. Whereas Blud covers the high-end group builds, Rhykker covers some of the more casual builds, leaving out almost nothing in his extensive tier lists for each season. Also, if you want to learn more about the ins- and outs of Blizzard, Rhykker usually keeps you up to date on everything from job announcements to D4 blog posts.

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