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Season of Nightmares brings something this game has been lacking. Make it permanent. Experiment more.

diablo18 - Season of Nightmares brings something this game has been lacking. Make it permanent. Experiment more.

I was talking in in-game chat to a couple people about this season. I've been leveling a Wizard with Etched Sigil Torrent/Meteor. The power growth of this character has been amazing. (Perhaps a little too swift but hey.)

Blizzard finally stumbled on a perfectly clear upgrade path for each item rarity. This game has never had that and it makes the item meta a lot more entertaining.

  • The first time you start picking up rares over magic items is a nice power boost just because of the extra stats provided on a rare.
  • The first time you pick up a legendary over rares is nice because of the sometimes crazy bonuses they provide, even if they aren't always clear upgrades over rares due to affix range overlap (CHC/CHD, etc.) and bad RNG.
  • The first time you pick up an ancient is pretty amazing because of the massive jump in power (kind of wish they provided more damage reduction). Normally, it's certainly no guarantee an ancient is an upgrade because of the chance of bad affixes and/or terrible rolls.
  • The first time you pick up a primal is also pretty amazing because they are usually good upgrades over stock items due to the fact that their rolls are always perfect.

While the first ancient gives you a ridiculous boost, as you collect the remaining ones, this massive increase in stat bonus for each ancient item found smooths out and it feels great to keep growing in power in (increasingly smaller) increments because there are still upgrades to be had as you collect all ancients. And then again when you fish for all primals.


There is another way to achieve a permanent Season of Nightmares, of course: massively increase the stats of non-set ancients and primals over legendaries so that they are always guaranteed upgrades over legendaries, like legendaries are over rares.

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Whether this makes sense to do or not, this is basically what this season has done: non-set primals and ancients now effectively provide, say, 7,500 int instead of 1000. Then the season buff becomes a permanent game change instead of a seasonal buff and we can dump the Legacy of Nightmares rings. To compensate, maybe sets require 2 or 3 more pieces, or add 1 more bonus with a final 2 or 3 items.

I think one of the worst sins this game committed was not making each item rarity have a guaranteed minimum power over the rarity below it. For example, rares could roll 1-5% crit chance, legendaries, 5-10% and ancients 10-15%. Diablo 2 sometimes handled this by allowing items to have way more affixes. Season of Nightmares finally fixes that by just providing a raw, if relatively unimaginative, power increase.

I'd love if Blizzard experimented more. Break the game rules. That said, I'd love to see a "Season of Hell" where they do something about the power difference between trash mobs and elites. Or let us use Gift on any item to give it sockets, even ones that don't normally have them? Legendary gems in helmet?

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