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Season Start 1-70 under 1h30m.

diablo15 - Season Start 1-70 under 1h30m.

Hey fellow diablo nerds, for a long time I have been working on a leveling method where you can get to level 70, simulating season start with just one challenge rift bag (no paragon or xpgear).

Leveling solo from 1 to 70 in 1 hour 13 minutes (proof) is my fastest time (and it was fun too). I only thought recently to record the session, so here's a link to a recording of a 1h30m run: https://youtu.be/2sE4Jir9Gbs

I made a lot of mistakes in the video, but the general premise is to find moments where your abilities and items are vastly overpowered for the character level. Level 1, level 16, and level 40 are moments where you can kill monsters in t6, solo, virtually regardless of gear.

I wanted to share this because many people, even those with very skilled groups opt not for massacre leveling because generally when you do massacre bonuses to level up, you get to level 70 and have no real item progression.


With this method, the area is full of shrines, xp pools, resplendent chests, and in each run you will have FUN too! Not to mention, it is possible for a 4 player party, and because of the type of monsters and aoe skills used, everyone in the party can get 200-400x massacre bonuses without much pain.

EDIT Here's a

I did with the same method. 1h53m to finish (its really boring until 20 minutes in). Not record breaking or anything but I had fun my dudes.

Also lots of people commenting about how its not a fresh season start, and its unreliable. I used less materials and gold than was given in the challenge rift bag. 475 blood shards is a decent chance to get something.

If you don't then you can still do this method but at a lower difficulty and it will take a bit longer. But I pretty much always get the item I am trying to get. Good luck!

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