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Set bonuses and ability runes.

diablo2 - Set bonuses and ability runes.

Right, so. i've been looking around the web for a simple answer to this, doing this i learned about other things but, nowhere i seem to look, i cant find a answer to this ( i think so at least ) simple question.

DO set bonuses stack with ability runes? for a example:

I'm playing barbarian, spin to win build ( i didnt look up any guide for this, i just heard about it and thought why not ). i have the ' of the wastes ' set, the 6 th set bonus increase my whirlwind damage by 3000% AND add the ' dust devils ' rune to whirlwind.

So, here's my problem: i already have dust devils as my ability ' rune '. so, do these stack, or not ? so far, it seems like they don't. i don't see anymore ' dust devils ' than before, i tested this simply by trying out doing a Nephalem rift with the 6th set bonus active and the rune, and one with set bonus and ' volcanic eruption ' rune.

I'm mostly playing Diablo 3 with a friend of mine, normally i don't care much about these kind of thing if my build just works fine and i deal plenty of damage. but this is bugging me, simply because i seemingly can't a answer anywhere, on even on the Diablo 3 wiki. maybe i miss something, i don't know. but any of you guys has a simple yes or no answer to this, i'd love to hear it, thanks.

As a off the topic side note: i expected my whirlwind damage to increase with 'volcanic eruption', strangely enough, it would seem it doesn't!

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