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Shared World should not be forced. (Private Mode)

diablo10 - Shared World should not be forced. (Private Mode)

Hello! First, I would encourage you to read through everything to understand my point and to see my explanation of why this idea should be very easy to implement, and why it makes some people happy without taking away anything from others.. but if you don't have time there is a TL;DR at the end.

From what we know so far D4 will force everyone to be a part of shared world experience. You'll see other people running around from time to time. I personally, and I'm sure many other people, don't like that. I think Diablo 4 should have a Private Mode (private online mode). You might think I'm probably a part of a small minority but please stay with me here, I'll explain why it doesn't really matter.

– Why I don't like the shared world? Uncommon reason probably – it's immersion-breaking to me, and I simply like to play privately. And it's not that I simply don't like it, I just don't like that it's forced.

– Why would devs care about something that probably a minority of people want and most players don't care about? Because the solution is literally in the game already and because it would hurt nobody. Diablo 4 will put you in some sort of private instance (I'm going to call it "private mode" from now) while you are playing through the campaign, you will not see other people until you finish it. So we know it's possible to play online but privately, and it's already being used in the game during the campaign. There is no reason to not allow some people to opt out of the shared world experience. The game should let every player choose if they want to stay in the private mode or join the shared world.

– What about world bosses / other unannounced unsoloable content? Simple – They could just scale them down but that will make some players feel like it's unfair, and there will be no incentive to play with others. The ideal solution that would satisfy everyone would be to disable world bosses in the "private mode" and allow players to swap between the private mode and shared world whenever they want to. It would be much more comfortable to be able to play privately and occasionally join the shared world precisely when you decide you want to participate in the shared world experience, and hop out of it whenever you please.

– How would that look? In the character selection menu or in the game mode menu you could simply have 2 options to pick (that's just my mockup / example):

1 – Shared World – This is the recommended experience in Diablo 4. Gain access to all the content Sanctuary has to offer. World events and world bosses will scale depending on the number of players. Dungeons will remain private. You will occasionally run into other adventurers in the open world and find many of them in friendly towns and interact with them. You can go back to the Private Mode by going back to the menu and selecting it.


2 – Private Mode – In Private Mode you will be alone. You will not find other players in the open world or towns. World bosses (and/or other unsoloable content) will not spawn. You will still have access to world events and everything else Sanctuary has to offer (all soloable content). You can go back to Shared World at any time by going back to the menu and selecting it.

There's also one more option to handle world bosses and other unsoloable content – World bosses etc will still spawn in the Private Mode and the area around the world boss is always shared, so even in Private Mode you'll see other people there, fighting with you but they will disappear as soon as they, or you leave the area.

There are other reasons to have Private Mode, for example I think it's not right to change Diablo so drastically without giving an alternative to those who don't like the forced multiplayer. All Diablo games allowed you to play alone 100% of the time. I don't think devs should use words like "going back to the roots" while at the same time forcing that change on everyone. It feels unfair.

But the main point is this – I think what I touch upon in this post is something everyone should agree on, because those people who (like me) want something like Private Mode to be in the game will agree with me while those people who don't care about it and want to play with others or don't mind seeing other players will not lose anything if the Private Mode would be implemented. And the devs wouldn't even have to spend much resources and time on it since it literally is already in the game, and it works (during the campaign). I truly think this is something everyone can agree on. Because honestly why would anyone disagree with having a Private Mode? Forcing multiplayer on people who don't want to play see others in the first place or who want to do see others only precisely when they desire to is not going to do anyone any good. I feel very strongly about this tbh.

Personally, I am so excited about D4, as far as my memory reaches I was always a crazy fan of Diablo, my love for this fictional universe goes beyond just the game itself, I love all the lore and art that surrounds it, I grew up with Diablo, it was one of the first games I've ever played, and I feel very emotionally about this. But I'm also one of those people who mostly plays solo, who like immersion and yes – being forced to just simply see other players in the world, even if I don't have to interact with them is a big deal for me. Diablo was always a private journey for me, with very occasional sessions with few friends. And the solution is right there in the game already, and it doesn't hurt anyone so why wouldn't the devs allow players to choose when they want to play completely privately and when they want to be a part of the shared world.

TL;DR – Diablo 4 should have a private mode (a private instance of some sort) for people who don't want to be a part of the shared world. It would hurt nobody and the technology is literally already working in the game during the campaign so why not?

(this is a re-post from my original post on Diablo IV subreddit)

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