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Shouldn’t PTR be up by now, or atleast patch notes?

diablo20 - Shouldn't PTR be up by now, or atleast patch notes?

I have no idea but if the changes are that game changing (probably new class and leg rework) shouldn't they put a PTR up by now so we can test it 3-4 weeks before season 16?

I have this weird feeling season 16 won't have a lot of changes.Because if it really did, the patch notes would be already up by now and til end of next week the PTR server should be live.

Most people aren't expecting much at this moment. A class or legendary rework would be just enough to atleast please us a bit and thats basically it.Sure, more would be better but in the end we shouldn't expect that much at this point and I think those two things are kind of obvious that they will come for season 16.


The real question is if its enough time to test a new class and the new legendary items in 2-4 weeks? Chances are high we will have a broken Druid class rekking everything in no time and overpowered asf in the new season.

In the end Brandy hyped season 16 extremly at the BlizzCon and I'm assuming if she already hyped it so hard we will get a new class and legendary rework.

Like I said, I wouldn't expect too much though. I think those two things if they get done are enough. The Skill System, Runewords, Charms, Paragon Rework etc. can come to a later time (maybe S17 or S18).

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