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Sick and tired of how EVERYONE thinks that Chinese love Diablo Immortal

diablo13 - Sick and tired of how EVERYONE thinks that Chinese love Diablo Immortal

As a Chinese I can honestly say I am pissed off, first of course by Blizzard announcing this utter garbage of a game, but second by the fact how a lot of people are saying "oh well looks like the Chinese player base are going to enjoy this". Okay, we do play video games on our phones more often, but that is because a lot of us don't have the spare time to play a good game on PC, or even because we just don't have the money to buy a proper gaming PC. So then what do we do? Of course we turn our gaze to mobile games instead, they are a decent choice to pass time when you happen to be stuck on the road in a bus or get squeezed up against other people in the subway, which both happen ALL THE TIME AND EVERYWHERE in China. And please don't say things like "Chinese people love these micro transactions." Because we don't, at least I don't, and the reason that it looks like mobile games with micro transactions are making tons of money in China is mainly because of how populated China is, a single person doesn't even need to pay beyond 10 rmb in order to have a mobile game flourish. I'm sure you are also aware of this. Trust me, I'm sure the majority of the Chinese fanbase are also hating Diablo Immortal to the guts, including me. And I personally am lucky enough to have a PC that's suitable to run a lot of games on it, so I actually play PC games a lot more often, but I'm writing this just wanting to make you guys have at least a slightly more positive and friendly attitude toward Chinese players when it comes to situations like Diablo Immortal and mobile games, thank you…

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