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Since they claim they are working on projects of Diablo

diablo6 - Since they claim they are working on projects of Diablo

I want to give them some constructive criticism if they really is listening to the community.

A short background. Long time Diablo fans, played numerous hours of D1, D2 & D3.

Then they push me to POE with the Immortal announcement.

So, why are people playing POE and claim that it is the spiritual successor of diablo 2?

character building

There is no attributes. But there is a passive skill "tree". Your character will not be exactly the same as the other guy. BTW attributes are also inside that "tree".


Good itemization. All stats are useful & meaningful in some way. No "set" items that gives you 20000% damage on mandatory skill. Not to mention you could enhance it the way you want. Also Vaal (some kind of enchantment).

skill level

Ironically, the design that is in Diablo 3 beta. Skill gem which could be level up and chain with assist gem to create your own skill.


players can trade! with in game currency only! $$ is forbidden and could get BAN. No P2W.

Take note, Blizzard.

New content


Actual new content, new ACT, new boss, new skills, new masters, new league, new quests, new mini game. FOR FREE!

End game

the map system and T18.

But, Diablo could still easily be better than POE, a few things POE is not very good at.

Server quality

a lot of disconnect and lag.


It still has a lot to improve. From art design concept to overall SFX. Also it is poorly optimize.

Streamline mechanics

POE has so much content that it is overwhelming for new players. Also there is no guide or enough explanation in the game to guide you. The huge "tree" could be split to classes like Diablo 2. Yes, that lose some of its benefits but will be a lot easier for new players. You could unlock the whole "tree" maybe after player finish all difficult or after ascendancy.

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The currency/consumable system could be a bit more focus. Right now it is extremely diverse with like 8+ types of consumables.

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