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Six years later as a console Barb.

diablo16 - Six years later as a console Barb.

Veteran PC player and an ancient Barb here. Played a lot till RoS came out which was already six years ago and stopped. Master of PvM, PvP and AH in the old days and with keyboard and mouse. Transitioned to controller gaming (PC, Xbox, PS4) in the last few years and fully enjoyed the more relaxing style and big TV screen. Picked up Eternal Collection on Xbox recently for nostalgia and Necromancer. Started a barb last month in the middle of the season to catch up. So far still having a lot of fun and thinking of settling with him for the season. Maybe Nec for another season.

Enough background. I want to share my experience as a console Barb. No intent to start a system war as I am on both sides. There are some tips that may be useful to whoever considering a different experience.

In general, I think, PC gaming with K/M control is more concentrated and precise which helps with higher achievements in a competitive setting. On the other hand, it can be more stressful and less ergonomic. Console gaming with controller is more leisure and often feels smoother and more fun. I would have picked up the Nec pack on PC if it had supported controllers. Again it’s just me.

Now to D3, there are some fundamental differences between PC and console, to be illustrated from my view as a console barb now.


  1. Nephalem glory. This is the elephant in the room. It means half the damage of PC to start with. Pay a lot of attention to it if you want to push for higher GR.
  2. No precise pointer such as a mouse. One needs to use analog stick with Lock-on button to control targeting, and use tap or full press for distancing. Still, skills such as Furious Charge, Ancient Spear, and Leap are a lot harder to use, which renders some builds inferior to PC.
  3. No Shift for still positioning. This also makes control on console a bit less precise.


  1. Movement is more fluent. You will feel that difference more with WW or Frenzy at 300%+ speed. Think about playing Sonic with k/m.
  2. Buttons are easier than keys. For a few builds I can comfortably hold down Y+B (Sprint, Ignore Pain, Threatening Shout, etc) at all time to automatically apply buffs, fitting the relaxing scheme of console gaming. Main skill on R2 is also easier for your fingers.
  3. Leap has a 5-second cool down instead of 10 on PC. With 20%+ CDR (Paragon + Diamond in Helm), one can have permanent 150% armor buff on top of BoM. Buy Leap get Ignore Pain free. It also removes the requirement of CDR for leap quake. One should consider replacing FC and GS on many established PC builds (e.g. on Icy) by Leap.
  4. Evade (right analog stick). It is a fun mechanism and can actually be useful for some builds (HOTA, Frenzy, Slam) etc.


  1. User interface. Personal preference.
  2. Hacks. Seems PS4 has more issues for some reasons. I am solo for fun so I don’t really care even if it exists on Xbox.

I will talk about individual builds in details later. Not all builds and skills are born equal in power, but they can all be fun. I have tested a bunch so far on console if you are interested.


I have mostly been enjoying build varieties instead of pushing higher GR so far. I am at 1200 paragon with no augments. Right now I am comfortably doing 120 with Rend, 115 with HOTA, Slam and Frenzy based builds, and 110 with Leapquake. Will focus a bit more on pushing higher GR for the remaining season.

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