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Small warning to all NEW players if you decide to start Necro and some advice

diablo1 - Small warning to all NEW players if you decide to start Necro and some advice

Necro this season will have one of the strongest hitting sets available, it is also a very "friendly" set when it comes to prepping since you dont need CD rolls, just area damage and your choice of elemental % push the sets already insane numbers higher. This makes Necro a rather comfortable class for beginners who want to start pushing GR's or just solo farm Paragon points.

HOWEVER, I do have a two warning after having tried the set EXTENSIVELY. There is a remedy below, so keep reading since all hope is not lost.

  1. Be aware that the Necro set is USELESS without Haunted Visions Amulet. Amulets are notorious for being annoying to roll, second only to rings, and you can get lucky or you can spend half a season without it dropping depending on your playtime. When it does drop, however, GG. Everything else just adds more barrels to your bazooka.
  2. Bonespear GR pushing for deeper levels of GR does require some expertise. It revolves around lots of movement, elite fishing, and grouping to maximize poison spears passive ability. As such, it is not too beginner-friendly as opposed to something like GoD DH or Hammertime Crusader which consist of "Target locked, HOLD THIS BUTTON AND BURN". Keep this in mind if you want to try your hand at deep GR pushing since it requires a few advanced mechanics. Don't be discouraged as this set still hits like a truck and you'll be able to get insanely far in GR's rather easily before actual tactics come into play.

As I said, not all hope is lost. There exists a bit of good news which comes with a remedy.

Good news is that Necro packs a punch. Even without a set you can easily build insanely powerful Necro's who get even crazier in damage thanks to Legacy of Dreams gem.

Necro is also the easiest time leveling to 70 right off the bat. PERIOD. Thanks to the insane access of free multipliers right off the start in the form of a weapon and gloves. Letting you T6 level rather easily with either corpse explosion (gloves) or any of the weapons (using the new shadow clone method). Some weapons are better multipliers than others, but its irrelevant since they all provide some great bonus and if you really get bad RNG the clone method still carries you.

As such, there exists a remedy for "Bad amulet RNG":



If you find yourself running Necro and that amulet simply doesn't appear, and you become tired, IT'S OK. Necro is king of LoD and you can easily level an Alt of your choice (Crusader and DH are personal recommendations for an easy time) using the clone method for T6 which makes 70's easier and faster than ever to achieve. Then use the bag on those characters whose sets will easily clear you a ways while you harvest more mats for Necro's amulet. Yes, you will then have to built the masquerade set from RNG but set building with a good speed build is not very hard and can be done in a short span. So dont fret. Plus you need all sets on one toon for the sake of the conquest, so you have to grind sets at some point anyhow. It all synergizes. Relax. This season it's Alt heaven thanks to Clone leveling.

Personal recommendation:

Place your Necro into 70 and run a LoD build of your choice, there are plenty. Build into Corpse Explosion off the bat since gloves are guaranteed then maybe into Poison Scythe or Mages depending on your choice for push or speed. I recommend Mages since you can run Rats and REALLY guarantee that mat consistency and Amulet drop. Along the way, you're more than likely to run into the Amulet drop and become GOD OF DPS. If you don't find the amulet because you pissed off RNGesus, you'll still have access to extremely OP LoD builds which you can use to easily grind mats for that pesky little amulet. LoD builds also get steadily stronger as time progresses so you'll never be stuck in one place for long.

Amulets are annoying, but remember Necro is someone who always gets bonuses off random Ancients and a 4th cube slot just threw it into overdrive thanks to all damage multipliers. If you're a newbie you'll have some fun, just dont get frustrated if the amulet does not drop. You'll get it eventually and, till then, you got plenty of options along the way.


Praying for everyone to get that Amulet FIRST UPGRADE on the cube. <3

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