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So I did my first off-the books build that’s actually viable…

diablo1 - So I did my first off-the books build that's actually viable...

Build here: https://www.d3planner.com/117197336

This started as an exercise in seeing how many sets I could stack in full. I probably could have a complete Danetta's on here too, but Danetta's doesn't really compliment the rest of the gear, nor is it especially good, so I left it off. A speed-farming variant with danetta's and auto-aiming RoV rune would probably work, though.

Midway through I realized that this build accomodates all the necessary kit to buff the heck out of grenades, and that this synergizes with both multiple spenders and generators AND the RoV skill that's mandatory to Nat's and it kind of developed from there.


  • For a build that completes 4 sets, it's actually really flexible – you can have any 1 slot occupied with other gear; the only mandatory thing is that you need to have the ring or bow from Nat's equipped. If you went with Cluster Arrow or Grenades for your main attack, you could probably also trade out Endless Walk, which would let you take CoE and FoT like a boring person.
  • This build hoses down a vast area with explosions and is super fun to look at.
  • Because of all the stacked bonuses against elites, this is one of those old-school builds that's actually way stronger against elites than it is against regular trash mobs, but your huge AOE kind of covers for that.
  • Uses a lot of skills the people generally skip, kind of feels like playing a D2 assassin again.


  • Lacks the obscene mobility of a Danetta's or GoD build.
  • Lacks a reliable source of CC, which I'm probably going to want to remedy somehow at high-level pushing.
  • Probably just RUINS the experience for other players as you fill the screen with Metal Slug volumes of explosions.
  • Most gearing will require you to omit DAWN, THE BEST HAND CROSSBOW IN THE GAME (although except for DR, Vengeance doesn't bring much to this build).
  • Use of Aughild's forces you to choose between Wraps of Clarity and any other desirable armor.


  • Pushed to 70s so far. Feels like it can go way higher before augments/Ancients matter.
  • Aughilds could be replaced with WoC and MoC for improved survivability at higher tiers.
  • Numbing traps can probably be dropped in favor of Steady Aim.
  • It's possible Thrill of the Hunt might open the path to using BotT with this build. I haven't tried yet. The game handles channeling skills with negated cost weirdly – for instance, Rapid Fire in this build still procs the cooldown of RoV, but it doesn't count as a spender for other synergies. If it DOES work, then BotT should probably replace BotP.

I SUSPECT this build is probably weaker at its upper limit than most other 6-piece builds, or it would be more publicized by now, but it's just tremendously fun, and not too hard to gear for. If nothing else, it's a very viable build for early endgame play before you have something more powerful.

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