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Some questions from a former Diablo III player.

diablo6 - Some questions from a former Diablo III player.

Some background:

Hello everyone. Diablo has always been one of my favourite games. I grew up playing Diablo I and II, so I was obviously extremely excited when Diablo III dropped in 2012. I spent the whole summer playing it, and it was amazing. The progression through the different difficulty levels felt like such a journey, and it took so much time and effort to optimize my build – I was playing a Monk with a high attack speed and life-per-hit build, so as long as I was hitting something constantly, even on the higher difficulties the monsters would have a hard time trying to kill me. Obviously I got stuck on the final difficulty level, and that's when the real grind started. I remember it felt like such an achievement getting to every new waypoint after trying to complete the same areas over and over. The last act was especially crazy, and I was stuck there for a reasonable amount of time, especially because around that time they nerfed attack speed. Eventually I managed to beat it, and it felt amazing. One of my most fond gaming experiences ever.

After that I played it for a bit, trying out the other classes, but only for a bit. Shortly after that they severely nerfed the entire game – areas on highest difficulty that would previously take me 20-30 minutes to clear could now be strolled through without any effort at all. That, combined with the fact that I had to leave my gaming PC behind for a shitty laptop due to moving away for university, effectively made me stop playing the game altogether. In fact, Diablo III was the last real, proper game I've played since then (with me being too busy nowadays), and it will always hold a special place in my memory.


The questions:

I recently read an article on Kotaku about why Anthem turned out to be such a bad game, and several times throughout the article Diablo III was brought up, implying something along the lines of Diablo not being that great for the first couple of years when it was released. And that made me wonder…

-What were the main criticisms of Diablo III when it was just released? Did they address those issues?

-How has the game changed throughout the years in general?

-Does anyone still play it after beating it (with all classes)? Why?

All I've heard is that they added a lot more difficulty levels, there was an expansion and that they removed the marketplace. Also something about grinding wardens and keys.

Sorry for the long post, and I understand it would take a significant amount of effort to answer my questions, but I would really appreciate if someone could fill me in, at least a bit. Thanks.

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