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Some random thoughts after reading the December update

diablo4 - Some random thoughts after reading the December update

On stats: I think the intention is good, but ultimately most players will still allocate them based on “enough xx to unlock yy nodes, rest into main DPS stat”. One way to make it more interesting is to let the skills scale with the stats somehow, like more strength makes the Druid bear skills stronger, while Dex improves the Wolf skills.

On weapons: fast weapons/attacks should have high DPS, but slow weapons/attacks should have high Damage per hit and lower DPS. Damage mitigation can then be grouped into 2 types: % damage reduction (resists) and flat damage reduction (armor). % based will be good against slow weapons, while flat based will be good against fast weapons. It will then be good to have different types of attacks against armored or unarmored enemies. Or even bring a weapon that ignores armor.

On item quality: good call back to the D2 days. Giving magic items the highest possible range helps the early game and some late game min maxing. A casual player can easily follow the tiers, while a pro making a weird build can opt to mix in some magic items. 10/10.

Legendary affixes: not too sure how skill specific they will be. If it’s like D3, then it’s back to the same problem again and everyone will play LoD/LoN style, this time stacking all the same legendary affix or stacking affixes for the same skill. Hopefully it’s generic enough, and can work across classes and builds. Players can then mix them up to find some synergies. I liked how the D2 items never defined your character. You have multiple options at each gear slot and your build is still generally viable with some wrinkles.


Uniques: Feels like D3 legendaries all over again. Meh.

Skill tree: i felt that D3 had a good base already. Every skill has a base effect, which i spend 1 point to unlock. Then i can spend additional points to work on each of the 5 side effects. More points, the better the side effects. I can distribute evenly among all 5, or focus on just one. The main tree is for unlocking the base skills, while the branches or leaves are for increasing the side effects. Let the items just give more points into the side effects, rather than augmenting the skill itself like a 6th rune.

Respec: love the idea of making the respec harder as you level. But generally i feel that players will make new characters simply because there are fun builds to play, and that the process of levelling with the build is fun. In D3, this does not happen, since the builds only come online with sets. With D2, the builds come online from level 1. Teeth necro? 1 point in teeth and there you have it. So put the power in skills and not gear, and players will remake characters all day.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

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