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Some strong ideas for futre patches, stay a while and listen

diablo8 - Some strong ideas for futre patches, stay a while and listen

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you some solid ideas I have been discussing with friends of mine and old veteran players of this game. I decided to make a contribution by posting this and open the space for healthy discussion. I believe there is still hope for some of these ideas to emerge in the future since the implementation of themed seasons has become a thing and also grown hope in me that there is potential for working on radical ideas with this subreddit.

I shortened as much as I could for your ease of reading. Concepts are presented in bullets and the rational written below it.


· Paragon should be capped at an achievable level for the majority of the community and also at a level that does not force into seeking no main stat in primary affixes, an idea of a cap should be in the range of 1000-2000.

I understand that during a 3-month season it is certainly easy and quick for most hardcore players to achieve this perhaps in weeks. Nonetheless, a way to solve this would be to reduce XP gains so that this cap could be met by percentile 50 of the player base during the second month.

Having capped Paragon narrows the gap between more casual players and dedicated ones given the damage increase of main stat achieved by leveling. At the same time, it no longer makes it an obvious choice to drop main stat in your primary affixes forcing savvy players to risk more in order to seek rolled items without it. Meta game and grinding should focus on item hunting which should be improved as well, more on that later. If leveling is still too easy, and alternative is also presented afterwards that might add an appeal.

Ban items and make seasons 3 months at most

· Ban 1 different class set per season

· Ban specific legendary items

· Makes seasons last 3 months sharp

Since game has gone in maintenance mode and current development has found a somewhat balanced equilibrium between sets within each class (I mean balanced among sets of a respective class), an idea to insert a challenge and a shift in meta would be banning items during a season.

This will force 2, 3 and 4-player teams to switch meta for greater rift pushing. Having a set banned also helps to refresh fast rift ideas and itemization. Banning specific legendaries may potentially render builds useless or hinder them considerably, nonetheless, this will make it more interesting every season to work on builds and alternatives, or perhaps even opening the opportunity to play another class.

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3 months is a sweet spot between being too short and too long of a season. It also adds the sense of urge play more if you want to achieve a goal on just 3 months.


· Cubed Primal Ancients should be rerolled preserving its Primal Ancient Status. Cost should be high.

· You should be able to enchant a primary and secondary affix of an item.


· Stats should be improved using elixirs, these have a low chance of dropping and require Royal Gems in the cube for working.

Looting should be meta game, not necessarily paragon grinding. Players should focus on seeking the best version of each item and the game should soften most of its RNG layers. A season objective should be to aim towards perfect gear near the end of the season. Primal looting should boost your hinting considerably by being allowed to be rolled and still remain as a Primal . Elixirs could become the potential meta. Having a recipe to use then makes it easier to sink gems and also make them more valuable. And idea of a cube recipe would be an Elixir and 3 royal Gems from +5 main stat. As for non-main stat, cost could be 3 royal diamonds or level 50 legendary gem for a 1% boost on stat.

In theory this makes loot too easy, but item drop rates should also be taken care of to compensate for a more direct way of gearing one’s character.

Make Ubers hard again

· Increase T16 difficulty or HP as what it was MP10 during vanilla.

· Hellfire ring now grants a random passive instead of its former effect. Crafting cost should be the same as the amulet.

· You can only use the ring or the amulet.

· You can craft an elixir with the same requirements as an Amulet

One exciting feature of diablo since diablo 2 have been Ubers. Since the arrival of Reaper of Souls they have become easier with every patch.

Since elixirs are proposed as a meta game feature, Uber farming should be somewhat restricted by the cost of fabricating these elixirs, which ultimately be forgotten souls. That way, players will have to eventually return to play other activities in order to continue farming Ubers.

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Paragon Toll (alternative to the idea of presenting elixirs or perhaps a complement)

· Decreasing your Paragon by 100 points grants the effect of an elixir (after hitting 500).

An alternative to elixirs could also be reducing 100 paragon for maxing out a specific stat on gear. This shifts meta game to grind XP but forces players decide whether to improve stats or decrease them through paragon. Having it being 100 levels makes it cheap at ranges of 500-800 compared to when being close to max paragon, but has an impact on the character’s usefulness in GR pushing and also positions it on a longer time window to reach back to max paragon during the season. It’s an interesting gamble during the grind through 500-2000 as primal could render the efforts worthless of an item being upgraded during those low level resets. At the same time, decreasing 100 paragon levels from 1900 is quite expensive as its consumes almost the same amount of XP that it takes from 0-1900.


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