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Some stuff I’d like to see in Diablo 4

diablo9 - Some stuff I'd like to see in Diablo 4

Disclaimer: I don't want to see any "Ouwawggh Diablo 4 Wont Ever Exist, Or If It Does It Will Suck" in this thread. Yeah, we've got our frustrations right now but there are other places to vent it.

So, I feel like all three diablo games have merit to them. Yeah, definitely more the first two than the third, but I won't lie and say the third did nothing right. I kinda wanted to detail some of the stuff I'd like to see in D4

D&D Inspirations

The first Diablo was very inspired by AD&D, and I kinda want to see a return to a D1-esque structure. Diving into many floored dungeons with very randomized layouts, and having to be careful about progressing. In D3, you can pretty much just blithely charge forward and kill every monster you face, at least in the earlier difficulties. Even D2 had less "care" required.

I hope environments can have the randomization of D1, but still with outdoorsy areas mixed in. And definitely HUGE dungeons.

A Diverse Party

Now, this is true amongst all THREE diablo games, but every character is balanced to be a solo act; they all have killing power, and they have enough survivability (whether through armor, self-healing, or just being plain far from the fight) to take on the forces of hell by themselves. Party structure becomes far less important. I kinda want to see more "support" required. Let a player play as a healing or utility character. Or a tank. Or someone who needs a tank to live.

I will admit there's a problem here is… what happens if you want to be a solo player? Healers would be too weak to face the armies of hell in solo play. I feel like a possibility would be an ability to recruit a full party of mercenaries in single-player. Another possibility would be granting solo-players buffs (the opposite of "the forces of hell grow stronger) amongst their weakest links, but that'd feel weird for players who'd have to get used to them being gone. The other possibility is make the party size monster difficulty scaling much greater, so that baseline they're not unfair, even for a support.

Kinda a hard problem to tackle ngl, but it would be very rewarding, when you've got group players on LAN fighting against an act boss, shouting out calls for healing and tanking, and needing to coordinate their efforts beyond just trying to dish out as much damage as they can.

Re-speccing and Progression


Small thing, I guess. I just want a bit of compromise between D2 and D3's character progression. In D3, you hit max rank pretty quickly, and can get essentially a max power hero within a season of grinding. And, of course, you can re-specc at any time.

In D2, hitting max level takes forever. I don't think I ever came close when I played it. And what sucks is, if you make a mistake with your stat assignments… you're kinda stuck. It's not easy to reassign points.

I feel like there should be a balance struck here. If you want to try out a vastly different build, you maybe should consider starting from square 1… which isn't bad, because its not the destination that counts; its the journey. Making a character from level 1 and maxing them out should be fun, even if it takes a while.

But, if you have a max level character and you want to try something different with them, you should be able to have SOME ability to shuffle your points around a bit. It should take time and effort, but the tools for respeccing your character should be available with the right quests, and just need to be done a fair bit the more you want to respecc.

A Man With No Plan

There is parts of D3's story I like: I feel the way they worked all the past games into Diablo's master plan was very clever… but that just makes the deus ex machina of being the nephalem all the worse.

D2 and D3 weren't Diablo's backup plan after being defeated, they were all part of the same one. Using Tristram to hop from his initial host to Prince Aiden, fathering Leah as a perfect vessel, dying in D2 to get the souls of all his siblings into one place, orchestrating the merge of all evils into the black soulstone… in short, he remained undefeated.

Problem occurred when Baal tried to corrupt the worldstone, which forced Tyrael to destroy it and let Nephalhem rise up. A stupid OP demigod shows up, trounces him, and finally leaves him to die. There's no way Diablo accounted for that.

If all that's true, then when he comes back he's gonna have to form a new plan. I think exploring a Diablo with no cards in his hand, continuing to act and plan and definitely remaining dangerous, but being unsure about how he wants to move forward could be lots of fun. Make the lord of terror feel terror 😛

The Reziarfg

I will never let this shitty meme die.

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