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Sprinter items and tricks

diablo19 - Sprinter items and tricks

I'm preparing to attempt to solo the "act 1-5 in 1 hour" conquest achievement, and this is what I've come up with. Please let me know if I missed anything useful, especially items that give +fear chance, and add stuff for your own class.


  • Boon of the Hoarder: rank 25 makes you move faster when picking up gold
  • Wreath of Lightning: rank 25 makes you move faster when the thing procs
  • Gogok of Swiftness: rank 25 gets you CDR
  • Diamond or Topaz in helm for CDR/RCR. Main stat gem in armor and diamond or ruby in weapon (don't rely on crits)

Cool stats:

  • RCR: to help you spam movement abilities
  • CDR: to help you spam movement abilities
  • Pickup radius: to get you gold for Hoarder (and globes if it matters)
  • Chance to fear on hit: move faster with Rechel's Ring of Larceny; can roll normally on helms and weapons
  • Class-specific resource bonuses


  • Yang's Recurve: up to 50% RCR (doesn't work cubed)
  • Echoing Fury: you move faster when you kill stuff
  • In-geom: cooldowns reduced after killing elites


  • Krelm's Buff Belt: you move faster when not taking damage
  • Warzechian Armguards: you move faster when you destroy objects
  • Pride's Fall: 30% RCR when not taking damage
  • Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan: greater resource generation while moving
  • Goldskin: hitting enemies can make them drop gold
  • Reaper's Wraps: health globes restore primary resource
  • Gloves of Worship: shrines (incl move speed shines) last 10 min
  • Illusory Boots: move through enemies


  • Rechel's Ring of Larceny: move faster when fearing enemies, also + chance to fear (the latter doesn't work cubed)
  • Pandemonium Loop: enemies that die while feared cause more feared, also + chance to fear (the latter doesn't work cubed)
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: reduce cooldown when hitting with resource-spending attacks
  • Avarice Band: pick up radius for gold and globes
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur: to get you set bonuses
  • Hellfire Amulet: to get you a 5th movement-related passive if your class has one (doesn't work cubed)
  • Rondal's Locket: high pickup radius (doesn't work cubed)

Potion: Bottomless Potion of Fear, fears enemies

Follower: Templar with resource regen

Demon Hunter:

  • Passives: Tactical Advantage, Hot Pursuit, Perfectionist, Blood Vengeance, (Night Stalker)
  • Vault build: Danetta set turns Vault into a Hatred spender. Bat, Preparation-Punishment, and Vengeance can help regen. Chain of Shadows makes Vault free 2 sec after casting Impale. 4 Shadow's Mantle bonus for permanent Shadow Power with the momement increase. Spend Discipline on Smoke Screen with +move.
  • Stafe build: have the 4 GoD bonus and maintain the Momentum bonus to Strafe very fast. Have Smoke Screen with +move and Preparation with 45 disc over time. Maybe Vengeance for emergency Hatred regen, maybe Ferrets to pick up gold, maybe Vault+Impale+Chain of Shadows for when you run out of Discipline (although that might not happen with Yang+Pride), maybe just Vault with cooldown. HA-Shatter Shot and Ninth Cirri Satchel for damage.

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