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I've been playing Diablo 3 on Xbox One for a few months now (currently at Paragon 610) and am really enjoying it, but I seem to be no longer really progressing and would appreciate some tips or helpful advice from some more seasoned players on how to do more damage more quickly while keeping myself alive.

I'm running a seasonal Barbarian with the Wrath of the Wastes 6pc set and 2 pieces of the Immortal King's set (the Boulder Breaker weapon and the belt) to make my Call of the Ancients not die so I can use the rune to give them half my damage.

I'm using Ground Stomp and War Cry to keep my fury up and the War Cry also gives me health regeneration. I also use Rend with the increased damage rune and Whirlwind with the fury generation rune as well as Wrath of the Berserker with the increased damage rune.

My passive skills include: Ruthless, Unforgiving, Boon of Bul-Mathis and Rampage.

I have Furnace, Mantle of Channeling and Unity in the cube.


My follower is a Templar with an Azurewrath, Freeze Deflection, Ess of Johan, cannot die token, Oculus ring and Unity ring.

I'm using Bane of the Trapped, Taeguk and Wildebeest's Gizzard in my Haunt of Vaxo, Skull Grasp and I can't for the life of me remember that second ring right now.

I've augmented a couple of my ancient items with about 280 strength and keep diamonds in my chest piece and pants, an emerald in my weapon and an amethyst in my helm. (All Flawless Royal, of course)

I've gotten to Greater Rift 69, but always either repeatedly due until it eats up all my time or kill the Rift Guardian, but not within the 15 minutes.

I'm sorry that ended up being so long, but I wanted a clear picture of what I was working with.

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So, any ideas on how I can do better? Any advice is appreciated.

In fact, if you've read this far into my rambling I would like to thank you even if you don't respond.

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