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Stop publicly stating you’d be ok with a “diablo 4” title teaser reveal if you disagree with the current trajectory of eternal and blizzard.

diablo6 - Stop publicly stating you’d be ok with a “diablo 4” title teaser reveal if you disagree with the current trajectory of eternal and blizzard.

I keep hearing responses of “oh if Activision blizzard came back at the end if blizzcon reveal and announced a 10 second title screen that said elder scrolls diablo 4, people would’ve been super pumped.” While I totally agree that would’ve been the smart move at the time, it is now very clear after almost 2 weeks of public backlash that Activision blizzard really have changed as a company with no real substantial response.

We know Diablo 4 is being worked on. However given the amount of defense from their marketing/community relations and the investment that has gone to bringing all Activision blizzard IP’s to mobile, it is crystal clear that activision blizzard is prioritizing f2p, excruciating grind fest games with clever pay to win mechanics involving loot boxes, in game currencies, and other mechanics (remember auction house?) that will net.them.money by hooking a lot of casual gamers in by the numbers, and incentivizing with pay to win mechanics. Player base at the time of D3 didn’t buy into the AH because they realized the game itself was broken and the only way to progress was to spend a shit ton of money. So D3 didn’t work out with hardcore D1-2 PC gamers, so their next step is to bring AH-like money netting mechanics to a totally different population that will spend that money. I speculate diablo eternal will sadly be successful, not by my (or our collective) boycotting, but by the thousands of other players that play pay to win games. And if that’s the case, what incentive does Activision blizzard have in creating another game that will obviously net less money? Why change the formula if it works? If Activision blizzard’s priority is now to make money and not great games, there is no way diablo 4 will be anything like the die-hard blizzard fans have wanted since d2. Hell even D3.

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So the question is, do you really want that?

I am with the thousands here that I will not support this type of industry, and will not be pre purchasing any games that has a hint of these mechanics anymore. I am an avid casual hearthstone player. It is true I solely play it on mobile when I am not home, and I have sadly invested a lot of real money to purchasing pre-orders as it is incredibly hard to play the game f2p, but starting this expansion, I will not be buying them anymore. I sadly think hearthstone has something to do with Activision blizzard’s weird contrived thought that we all want to play on mobile, but diablo, rts and mmorpg all are meant to be complex, high ceiling skill cap, and should make you stay up until the next morning itching to play one more dungeon, one more ladder win, or one more GR for that sweet loot drop. I don’t want to see cartoon Deckard Cain’s bobble head pop up after a rift staying “just for 300 gold, you can upgrade this to a legendary” or a rift button that you inject $1 to play a GR at a higher cap. But I am betting this is what it will look like for D4 if the player base keeps giving them money.

I still wish to hope for a different game, one that we all can collectively say is worthy of the title diablo 4, however, the current trajectory and decision making of Activision blizzard shows other wise. So no, I don’t really care for a diablo 4 title without a solid response from blizzard in what that really looks like. They’ve lost my support, trust, and more importantly (for them), my wallet.

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