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Stop saying D2 PvP was imbalanced. So it will always be >to D4

diablo19 - Stop saying D2 PvP was imbalanced. So it will always be >to D4

Look, POE and D3 have not even attemted to make this a thing, so they have only 3 of the 4 aspects that consitute a perfectly executed ARPG. The 4 aspects being monsterslaying/getting GG/Trading for GG/PvP. Never tell me that we should move on and go to D4 or switch to D3 or POE. D2 is the king this is the sad truth.

Because it was pretty well balanced and little POE, and D4 will never be as good or very little chance 1% to be as good, and its a fact that alot of people had fun in these games and I dont like it when your "opinion and its done deal" too Imba and boring, that is YOUR OPINION! Because you say so and we should move on to D4 and never remake D2 with AAA attention to quality.

They say that this is too budget and time intensive and cuts into's D4 development. Well AU CONTRAIRE MON AMI, its D4 that is cutting into's D2 remakes accelerated development. D2 already had all that we needed, GG drops and PvP that was fun and as balanced as one could reasonably expect it to be, and none of the extra "GIMMICKY FAT" that never matters at the end of the day and always ends up not satisfying you the way D2 did.

So why deny it, D4 is all YET TO BE PROVEN, to even be good game can it even get good PVP?

You only say it was imbalanced due to the following reason. because of bugs that always hindered D2 PvP pro scene.


Because Amazon had a bad dodge design where you were paralyzed, they disrespected the amazon in patch, she needed a buff.

It was because of charge glitch hammerdin, where he became invisible. So did alot of stuff. become invisible.

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If sorc sees the opponent coming up the firing alley everything is fine, if your opponent is not turning invisible.

And if you wanna be super evasive and gay because you dont got enough life well you could do that with a sorc, you can never touch a sorc that doesnt want to be touched or even near you, but its sometimes fun to annoy as well. My point is everybody finds their angles in these duels and gets to have fun, and this is where end game gear comes into play.

And if your opponent gets pissed cuz you killed him and decides to solo you specifically in a 8 player game maybe you are bming, and you might think of allying yourself with another element sorceress.

Sorc has the marvelous advantage of not needing enigma, wich is is not only expensive, but quite bad for a character with marvelous mf potential and FCR/FHR and gear options potential without it.

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