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Storytime: Cooldowns vs Resource Management

diablo11 - Storytime: Cooldowns vs Resource Management

Cooldowns, D3 extravaganza:

Last night I was in a brutal bar fight. I punched the guy in the face real good, he punched me back! I gave him a black eye, and he punched my front tooth in.

From there we looked at each other, for seven seconds. I looked at him with a real angry face, telling him how hard I was gonna punch him once these seven seconds were up. Then out of nowhere he tried smashing my head with a beer bottle! He missed though, and stood with the bottle, saying he won't miss again in 30 seconds when he could swing the bottle again.

Resource Management, D2 extravaganza:

Last night I was in a brutal bar fight. I punched the guy in the face several times, giving him a black eye, he retaliated with a punch to my mouth, knocking my tooth in. I was in shock, I looked up at him angrily but right as I did, a beer bottle flew towards the side of my head.

Luckily enough for me the man was drunk and he missed. He swung again without any hesitation, I threw my arm up in an attempt to block the blow, resulting in shattered glass and a large gash wound. With a bloody arm and adrenaline rushing through my veins, I tackled the man onto the ground with enough force to knock the wind out of him. I clocked him in the face with my fist then got up to grab a chair. Chair in hand, I was ready to deliver the finishing blow, however, I realized I was too tired and couldn't lift the chair over my head. Instead the guy grabbed my leg and… etc.


My Opinion:

Before you start crying and point out how "Only the OP skills in D3 have cooldowns, like WOTB, so why are you comparing that to punches?!?!?!" -Not true. 12/23 WD skills have a CD for example. Over half.

I've played D2, D3, and POE. In my experience, cooldowns are immersion ruining and a copout balancing mechanic that takes away cool itemization strategies. Instead of wanting to increase ones mana pool, attack speed, stamina, and cast speed, it instead becomes AWWWW YEA HOW MUCH CD REDUCTION CAN I STACK LMAO.

Cooldowns have their place, but this should be reserved to only very few skills. Also, I have never liked the super Saiyan 3 minute cooldown skills, feels gimicky and like you NEED to have them in order to compete. Bad game design, give the player choice, don't force them to play around broken ultimate's.

Hopefully in Diablo 4, we see less cooldowns, and more abilities balanced by how fast you can cast them via cast rate/attack speed, and how much resources they cost to cast. (Immersion is really important to me! Cooldowns ruin immersion.)

Thanks for the read, hope it painted a picture that regular text posts have trouble painting.

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