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Tchernobog 0.2.0 is out! New class, bugfixes, QoL and more!

diablo5 - Tchernobog 0.2.0 is out! New class, bugfixes, QoL and more!

This is the biggest update Tchernobog has ever seen and some of the bugs that got fixed have been there from the very beginning!

Spellblade trailer!

><noscript><img src= - Tchernobog 0.2.0 is out! New class, bugfixes, QoL and more!

Spellblade emerging out of a rift and destroying enemies

Spellblade skills

Spellblade's starting weapon

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Latest version always on discord (website is usually a bit behind)List of changes:

– character wipe

– all user settings save properly (highlighting minions, floating text etc.)

– max running speed boost in town increased from 100% to 199%

– assassin's 125% dmg bonus for having 1 free hand and barbarian's 25% for using a 2h weapon have been connected to the actual damage system (only displayed on sheet before)

– expanding max skills/spells for the future

– character skills get a second page

– skills on that page are unlocked by killing certain monsters or doing quests (no, tchernobog still doesn't have quests)

– monster physical resistance % is being shown next to elemental resistances marked with letter P and green color

– weapons now display a number with their actual attack speed next to the very slow/slow/normal/fast/very fast description – lower = faster

– made dps calculation for elemental damage more accurate (it included fractions where damage has to be an integer)

– fixed a bug with cold explosion generating incorrect light

– fix broken palette on a certain level

– fix monsters displaying wrong effect type while attacking with elemental damage

– fix items rarely changing color randomly

– fixed a bug where music would always play after alt-tabbing out and into the game even if it was muted before

– fixed a bug where selling books to adria that wouldn't fit on her page caused a crash

– fixed a bug with mage council casting nova spells but player seeing only a single bolt

– fixed a bug where staves/scrolls/cursor changing spells would get stuck (requires testing!)

– moved sound settings from characters to global settings – intro/menu music care about the global volume one

– damage taken by player gets shown in big gold numbers, damage taken by enemies is colored according to damage type:

 white/physical, red/fire, yellow/magic, blue/lightning, light blue/cold 

– added showing exp gained by player as a floating number

– spell/elemental damage formula tweaked – was off by one earlier

– monster resistance colors tweaked to match spellblade's ones

– hotkeys expanded from F1-F8 to F1-F12

– new class – spellblade

– spellblade formulas:

– class bonus to chance to hit: 15%

– spellblade doesn't use ITD, elemental damage has a different formula for hit chance: cth – 2*enemy level, clamp to 5-95 range

– base melee physical dmg: 0 (spellblade can't deal physical dmg)

– 30% boost to all elemental dmg

– gains 1% bonus elemental dmg per 2.5 magic (adds to the above 30% one)

– all leech converted to elemental dmg leech


– can't leech physical dmg

– can't leech ranged

– passive 5% hp/mana leech boost

– spellblade can only use skills – that means no scrolls/spells/staves at all

– spellblade can't read books to learn spells

– small healing potion:

min – 17% max hp

max – 51% max hp

– small mana potion:

min – 25% max mana

max – 75% max mana

– hp/mana gains from vitality/per level/starting:

hp: vitality * 1.5 + clvl * 2 + 33 + bonus from items

mana: magic * 1.5 + clvl -0.5 + bonus mana from items

– skills:

- enchanted blade: elemental pierce: 5 + clvl / 10 min dmg: 3 + clvl max dmg: 5 + clvl * 2 charge gain per cast : random between 1-clvl max charges: clvl * 2 + 3 mana cost: 20 + slvl * 3 slvl formula: (clvl - 1) / 3, clamped to 1-15 last charge explodes in 3x3 area - elemental conversion: converts all elemental damage into chosen element % damage of non-target elements is lost converting into fire/magic/lightning = 30% loss converting into cold = 40% loss - protection break: an enchantment that stacks up to 20 times each stack lowers physical resistance and elemental resistances of yourself and enemies by 5% it works like normal resistances pierce, so -100% doesn't mean full reduction if an enemy has a resistance above 100% max stacks = clvl / 2.5 (rounded down) - capped at 20 - perfect balance: an enchantment that stacks up to 100 times and grants different bonuses depending on stacks you gain stacks by attacking: 2 stacks while being below 50 stacks, 1 stack while being above 50, 3 stacks for elemental fury you lose stacks by being attacked: 2 stacks while being above 50 stacks, 1 stack while being below 50 stacks monster's attack doesn't have to hit to lose stacks - an attempt counts! - beware poison puddles stacks below 10 = +clvl armor stacks above 90 = +clvl dmg for each element (that's total dmg clvl * 4 as there are 4 elements) movement speed bonus % equal to number of stacks below 50 = 49% at 1, 0% at 50 and above armor % bonus - same as movement speed % attack speed change - from -25% at 0 stacks to +25% at 100 stacks, so the formula is -25% + number of stacks/2 - elemental fury creates a stream of unstable energy two tiles in front of the character - it splits into three and damages everything on its path damage element is your element with highest average damage, it hits many times so exact formula is (min dmg + max dmg) / 16 + 1 mana cost is equal to 5 + 10% max mana. this would encourage staying at low max mana, which makes no sense with magic scaling to elemental damage, so the amount of mana spent is added to the elemental damage before dividing by 16 important - this attack CAN leech! grants 4 perfect balance stacks 

– special skills:

- rift: creates a rift which you can use in two ways. If you cast it less than 3 tiles away from yourself, it creates one rift that acts as a superior version of town portal that doesn't disappear after use. If you cast it more than 3 tiles away, it creates two rifts - green one at your location and yellow one at target location, green one is the entrance and yellow is exit point - you can't enter the yellow one. Using rift consumes a % of your max mana and applies a 100% movement speed buff for 30 seconds. Starting mana drain is 100%, will be reduced with next rift skill levels when they get added - classes other than spellblade always get 100% of their mana drained while using spellblade's rift. 

– new assassin special skill

- decoy creates a decoy at your current location, phases you away and activates stealth stealth cannot be broken by enemies while decoy is alive decoy has hp/armor equal to yours 

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