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Tchernobog is back!

diablo7 - Tchernobog is back!

Hi there, I'm a new Tchernobog dev.

82BaSAP - Tchernobog is back!


Here's official Tchernobog discord server.

#What is tchernobog?

Tchernobog is one of the most popular mods for Diablo 1, offering many of the best features from d2 that we loved while still being d1 (HD, Alt highlighting items, rare items, stash, graphical interface for stash/shops, new damage types, challenging gameplay, new classes, class skills etc.)

mod.diablo.noktis - Tchernobog is back!


Mod's website

A random picture 😉


What's new?


#Tchernobog version 0.1.3b

  • – Raise Zombie's base life span increased from 16 seconds to 60 seconds
  • – Zombies now follow you through rooms and levels
  • – Link to discord server:
    82BaSAP - Tchernobog is back!
  • – A way to list active tchernobog games on discord (See #zerotier-network on discord)

#Tchernobog version 0.1.3

  • – Displaying min/max values next to set/unique item stats while holding shift.
  • Max values are colored green and min values red.
  • If stat is equal to maximum value, the whole line will be colored green, if minimum, red.

#Tchernobog version 0.1.2a-f

  • – 0.1.2e fixed staves but broke telekinesis/heal other spells. Now everything works as intended
  • – Fixed staff of heal other/telekinesis not losing charges
  • – Unique/set items can drop again if you already have all unique/set items of that base item
  • – Fixed a typo in main menu
  • – Blazing/volcanic/sparking/charged/freezing/glacial/brilliant/radiant recipes fixed.
  • – Character sheet displaying individual Magic Find in town and total in dungeon
  • – Fixed one of probably many poisoned water supply errors
  • – Fixed Pepin crashing the game when opening the shop window

#Tchernobog version 0.1.2

  • – Fixed magic find.
  • edit#gid=34252121 - Tchernobog is back!https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UTDA_ynwVyeNZyHJBPhviucI7JDbP6Ix6kGeF0Aw6yQ/edit#gid=34252121
  • – This is a chart that shows how it increases chance to obtain unique/set/rare/magic items.
  • – Magic find has 50% chance to trigger when an item drops.
  • – This is how group magic find is calculated:
  • – Magic find of players on the dungeon level where the item dropped gets sorted in descending order.
  • – Total MF value starts with being 0.
  • – Highest magic find gets added to it, then second highest/2, third highest/3 and so on.
  • – This prevents people from getting absurdly high MF values while being in a group while still being a gain
  • – during playing with other people.
  • – Fixed barbarians whirlwind attack interval
  • – Reduced amount of hit points boss monsters gain each difficulty level
  • – Rogue's mana cost of skills has been reduced
  • – Warrior's mana cost of skills has been reduced
  • – Assassin's mana cost of skills has been reduced
  • – Rogue's bow attack damage calculation has been restored to pre 0.1.0 version

I'm planning on making the discord server the main tchernobog hub – there are 2 bots already, you can check online games on discord, check unique items' stats and much more!

Feel free to join the server 🙂


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