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[Technical Alpha] Preliminary look at the monetization model for Diablo Immortal

diablo14 - [Technical Alpha] Preliminary look at the monetization model for Diablo Immortal

Two years ago, I've shared this post showing Netease and Blizzard during a meeting and discussing the what appeared to be the monetization model for Diablo Immortal. The picture was uploaded to Netease's website for a brief amount of time, which was quickly removed due to (presumably) Chinese fans' backlash. The post was also featured and discussed on Yong Yea's


Today I would like to discuss the monetization of Diablo Immortal for Technical Alpha. All information was taken from Blizzard's own website, the post named "OUR FREE TO PLAY APPROACH AND VALUES" which can be seen here, and I suggest you give it a read.

Disclaimer: Below is a mix of facts and some healthy speculation. Anything that is a speculation will be written with italics. As of now, we do not know the $ value of any given item. You can find my opinions and baseless assumptions for cost in the comments.

Let us begin with the available currency items in Diablo Immortal.

CurrencyWhere to getWhere to spend
GoldLootUpgrading items, purchasing random gear from NPC
PlatinumReal Money, Selling items on the MarketMaterials and legendary gems on the market, crafting Charms
Eternal OrbsReal MoneyBattle Pass, Specialized Reforged Stones, Crests, cosmetics

Below are the items that can be bought directly with money.

ItemWhere to getWhat forNote
CrestEternal Orbs, "Earned" (gameplay/daily or weekly quests/free battle pass track)Enhances Elder Rifts to guarantee Rune and Legendary Gem drops. Gives Rift Points to party members (To buy Legendary Gems)Earned or purchased. Useful for the whole party. Rift Points being awarded to whole party could mean that parties will favor people who use Crests for their rifts over those that don't.
Specialized Reforge Stones (SRS)Eternal OrbsReforge a specific property on legendary itemsLegendary items can be upgraded to rank 20, and get new random bonuses at ranks 6/11/16. Regular Reforge Stones (found as drops) give random results. Using SRS either guarantees a given bonus, or narrows down the choices (attack bonus only/crit bonus only/etc). If the majority of available bonuses are less desired, this will drive people into buying Specialized Reforge Stones.
CharmPlatinum, other ingame activities5 random skill bonuses, can only equip one
RunesElder Rifts (Guaranteed with Crests, chance to drop without)Crafting Legendary gems and items
Legendary GemsElder Rifts (Guaranteed with Crests, chance to drop without), Platinum, Crafting via runes+recipeAdditional powersCan be upgraded by combining identical gems, increasing power. Needs more for higher ranks.
Battle PassEternal Orbs"Bonuses"XP bonus on paid track would immediately give someone an edge, as Paragon levels improve your survivability/item&gold find/defense/pvp power.

If I've missed anything let me know and I'll add it to the list.

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