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The Book of Adria and my frustrations about Leah

diablo15 - The Book of Adria and my frustrations about Leah


This is more of my personal frustrations and venting about the question I've had about Leah and the fate of her soul.

I got into the Diablo series when three was introduced and the first character I ended getting attached to was Leah. I found an intriguing, nice person who I felt somewhat drawn to care about. Probably because Blizzard wanted me to care about her. I will admit that Blizzard didn't do the best job presenting her but I ended up liking Leah regardless of some of her flaws.

But that likeness was pretty much struck down by the end of act 4. Her death brought about by Adria's betrayal to ensure Diablo's return. I was…really sadden by it. Call me a sucker for sacrificial lamb characters but it just made me like Leah even more. And after seeing the behind the scenes video for Diablo 3 revolving around Leah, where Chris Metzen himself gave a little wink and nod as he said going to hell to save Leah seems like the right thing to do, my sadness was turned to hope.

There was a chance that Leah could be saved or that her soul could be salvaged and be able to find a final resting place. At the very least, I believe that is what she deserves.

So I waited for the next expansion which was the Reaper of Souls and what many people asked, including myself was, was this going to involve Leah's soul? Developers responded with a simple no. This was suppose to be a story about mathael and the black soul stone as said by Leonard Boyarsky. But he did add that there were more expansions coming and they would address the situation with Leah's soul in time.

This was understandable. You can't jam everything you want in one expansion. After all, there was plenty of things to look forward to. The expansion was great and we were told that more was to come.

So I waited…and waited…and waited.

The news about Chris Metzen stepping down from the Blizzard team in 2016 felt rough. After all, he was the guy that gave me hope that Diablo 3 was not the end for Leah. Then other developers started to leave, others getting shifted over to different teams. The people I heard from talking about Leah and looking into a possible future for her have either started working in other fields now or have left blizzard entirely. And Diablo itself has been in a state of stagnation. A patch here and there but nothing groundbreaking. Just stuff to keep people occupied.

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And my once excitement and hope for the next chapter in Diablo was turning back to sadness and with a form of anxiety to boot. Will Blizzard ever say anything about the fate of Leah? How much longer do I have to wait? Was there anyone in the Diablo team even curious about Leah?

With the 2018 blizzcon getting closer, I was getting ready for another year of Diablo being a bit of a footnote with not much to share. But then we had a few reveals pop up, one of which was the Book of Adria and I was instantly excited about it.

After waiting for a painstakingly long 6 years, this new book might give me some insight about Leah. After all, this was about Adria, the woman who created Leah to do was specific task to bring about the end of the world. Surely, surely Adria would have some words about her daughter. This book was also suppose to fill in the gaps about how Adria was able to capture the other evils. How she came across the black soulstone. And even ironed out some minor details. So touching up on some details about Leah and even her origins would probably be in here, right?

After getting my hands on it and reading through the entire thing. Everything that I had known about Leah before reading this book did not change afterwords. I'm now sitting here frustrated and annoyed. 6 years I have waited and I have yet to be given any solace on this matter.

I'm not entirely sure what I was hoping for but at the very least, I just wanted a hint or a clue about Leah's fate. If the new developers that are working on whatever the next Diablo game are not that interested continuing Leah's story then this book would have been the best way to settle the case once and for all. Telling how Leah's soul was ultimately destroyed and there was no chance to save it. It would have been a bitter pill for me to swallow but at least I would have gotten closure once and for all.

If the new devs ARE interested in continuing it then maybe a hint about the whereabouts of Leah's soul. Hell, how about talking about Leah herself, like confirming if she's even human or something more like being part demon. Just something for me to latch onto.

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Probably even throwing a curve ball and saying that the person who we assumed was Leah the entire time was in fact a sliver of Diablo's own soul.

But none of this was resolved. None of it was explained. None of it was even hinted at. I am left with nothing but this feeling of dissatisfaction and sense of dread that I must wait once more for a question that I now don't have any confidence will answered any time soon or at all.

I suppose the only silver lining I can take from this is that the Diablo team don't want to say anything that will ultimately box themselves in. They may not have any idea how to progress Leah's story but they still want to have that door open. Only thing I can cling to at this point.

Well, this was a long post to make. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Not sure how much sympathy I'll get for my feelings about Leah here. I've seen this board act bipolar about her. But I don't really care about that. I've just had this bottled up for so long and after reading the book of Adria, I just needed to vent.

PS: Book was good, by the way. If you're interested in all the monsters, angels, and demons that roam Sanctuary and beyond then this is a good pick up.

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