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The Case for Magic Find this Season 16

diablo18 - The Case for Magic Find this Season 16

TL;DR: Build. With the RoRG Buff, the Set Item damage percentage overhaul, and T13 thus being a cake walk, equipping Nagelring on yourself and your follower while using the Cain's Set will give you 110% sheet MF or 11% increased legendaries in the long run if solo or more if doing T13s in groups while farming keys. Kill speed is 2-3 minutes with Ingeom and the new set damage numbers wipe screens with a click whether or not you use MF so you might as well try it on.

Some points first:

  1. Yes, we are all aware that doing GR 100s around three minutes nets you more souls and shards. The MF set up is primarily for when you need to buckle down a few minutes or hours to farm keys for GRs. Repeat, I do not advocate for doing this for legendaries instead of GRs as a lot of been so gleeful to assume in my other thread.

  2. If kill speed is the same whether or not you use MF, might as well have the 11% marginal gain.

  3. If you want DBs or the Sage's set, you can do that too. I have my own set up using Sage's instead of Cain's. With the new Armory slots, there's not an issue. If you want more Legendaries than DBs, you can try the above set up. I already have a load of DBs so I'm good for now.

  4. To dispel any confusion, people in my other thread were also quick to comment that I have just 1.1% more legendaries. My sheet MF is 110%. I already multiplied it with 10% to arrive at 11%. No need to multiply another 10%.

  5. I exclusively play with Monk and the SWK (which has shoulders and amulet) is the only set that fits with Cain's that suits my needs. Inna can be used but you use a lot of gear slots. So I went with SWK. I don't know for the other classes. Just modify your respective Sage builds I suppose.

So Yesterday I submitted a thread asking what the average number of legendary drops people seem to experience in T13 rifts. This was my attempt to sort of get a control number for when doing MF runs in normal rifts. Pardon me for not being clear with my intentions which lead to confusion. Nevertheless, I was able to learn that MF translates to 10% effectiveness for legendaries. So unless changed in Blizzard's end, MF will net you more in the long run.

Magic Find Concepts taken from Wiki

  • Magic Find % has a hard cap of +300% from equipment bonuses.

  • Joining to a group multiplicatively boosts the Magic Find of all members by +10% of existing amount (minimum 10%) per player beyond the first.

  • 20% (one fifth) of the Magic Find from follower's items is applied to player.

  • As of patch 2.0, Magic Find can no longer roll on an item as a random affix. The only ways to increase this stat are pre-patch items, Fortune Shrine (+25%) or some legendary items that have a guaranteed bonus (for example, Nagelring or Leah's Ring).

  • Also as of patch 2.0, Magic Find is penalized in effectiveness to 30% for Rare items and 10% for Legendary/Set items. This does not mean that you can only have +30% / +10%, but that having +50% Magic Find will only add +15% to Rare find (50% x 0.3) and +5% Legendary find (50% x 0.1). With the 300% cap, it means no more than 90% Rare find and 30% Legendary find, so sacrificing the combat stats for MF is generally not worth it.

  • A change to counter the above exists for Legendary/Set Items. Starting in Torment I, heroes gain approximately 1.15N (N being the number of Torment) multiplier to finding Legendary items. This stacks with Magic Find multiplicatively. While in a Nephalem Rift, the chance is further doubled (also multiplicatively).

  • As of Patch 2.4.2, socketing a Topaz into a Helm no longer awards Magic Find.

(emphases mine)

So believe me when I say I agree that MF is not worth sacrificing if the gains it provides is at the expense of kill speed. Then they buffed sets and added RoRG. They also maintained T13 as the max non-GR level so things got easier. Thus there is no sacrificed kill speed to speak off.

My total is 110% = 50% from Nagelring, 50% from Cain's, and 10% (0.2 x 50%) from Nagelring on Follower.

With Ingeom I have zero cooldown and just go from one dense mob group or elite pack to the next blowing stuff up. Goldwrap + Boon of the Hoarder + Avarice Band insures immortality unless you get careless during down time and gives you tons of gold. Fire SOJ is just for more damage.

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