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The Inarius 2.6.5 new 10 000% set bonus is a huge and amazing gift for non-season rift guardian killers.

diablo3 - The Inarius 2.6.5 new 10 000% set bonus is a huge and amazing gift for non-season rift guardian killers.

TL:DR Inarius will likely be able to 1 shot 140 tier RG's at least with corpse lance. Adding a SOJ and COE in 2.6.5 Inarius will give 300% ( 3 times ) more Damage than current 2.6.4 corpse lance builds which are already very powerful.

The current build – the LON corpse lance/Command skeleton hybrid RGK build – will kill a 135 rift guardian in about 3:00-3:30, maybe 4:00 if stacking is interrupted. Adds don't matter for LON corpse lance. With Inarius you can play the exact same way/style except all you have to do is hit bone armor once in a while. For skills, bone armor will replace the skeleton archers skill slot on corpse lance build. All other skills on Inarius can be the same as normal corpse lance.

And yes Inarius thorns will be great too but, thorn's only works with 11/26 RG's and if my theorycrafting is right, then thorns will be obsolete.

Lon is 9750% total dmg bonus. Now, Inarius will get 10 000%.

Sure compared to LON you do lose 2x 20% cold slots (helm and pants) and aquila, and command skeleton lose tasker and theo, and the 125% skeleton armor and that is a loss. Corpewhisper would go in the Cube. And you might need the Witching hour belt to reach 2.02 breakpoint. The build would be fragile but dieing is ok as RGK, and I am unsure how effective the set defensive buff actually are.

The 2.6.5 Inarius build would look pretty much exactly the same as the corpse lance pestilence build except with Inarius and bone armor, and travelers is replaced by SOJ and Johnstone.


A Inarius corpse lance build will be godly on non-season, and here is how much better Inarius will be than the already great LON corpse lance build:

krybins already applies in LON

50 Johnstones Macabre stacks @ 200% – already in the current LOn build

+250% additive set difference (It's only like 2.5% more than LON, BUT this 2.5% is before multipliers)

+ 50% multiplicative from new available Stone of Jordan slot (OMG)

+ 200% multiplicative from new Convention of Elements Slot ( EVEN MORE OMG)

If Necromancer attacks at exactly the right COE timing cycle, and has 50 Johnstones stacks from before the RG appears, here is my math:

100 = (theoretical base dmg as applied in 2.6.4 LON corpse lance = 4minutes @ 135 RG kill)

100 x 1.5 (SOJ) x 200% ( COE 4 seconds)

( 50 stacks Macabres lasts the entire 4 second COE cycle)

= 3 times the dmg of 2.6.4 corpse lance

that is 3 TIMES the dmg of the current LON necro build for 4 seconds. That is 300% damage greater for than LON corpse lance.

+ (2.5% base damage more from inarius 250% extra) x 3 = an extra 7.5 % more base dmg (sure but i think so)

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