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The main issue with Diablo Immortal is that it is part of the main storyline

diablo10 - The main issue with Diablo Immortal is that it is part of the main storyline

I see the same argument here and there that the issue was how Blizzard handled the reveal of Diablo Immortal and sure, it explains the immediate backlash but, the main one is about its nature and the whole negativity around D:I won't fade away. I'm pretty sure that the game will be trashed and massively downvoted in the app stores upon release.

You see, Diablo is a PC franchise and has always been a PC franchise. You did port D1 and 3 to consoles and we were 100% ok with that. No booing or trolling.

However, when you announce that a game which belongs to the main storyline, with an exclusive script that explores the past of our beloved characters, with new mechanics that we are still waiting on PC will be a mobile-only, PG-rated, made-in-china game, we are pissed off.

I know that it may sound odd to you, but I use my phone to communicate and work. I don't want to play games with it and even if I wanted to,it wouldn't be able to. I may be stupid but when I'm able to play games, I'ld rather use my gaming PC or my 4K TV, not rub the 5" screen of a overheating phone.


You are placing me in an uncomfortable situation : I either have to skip an entire episode of one of my most beloved game franchise or buy a f'ing 500+$ phone or tablet and force myself to play in a way that I usually despise (the screen rubbing thing).

So please, for your future "mobile games", don't insert them in the main storyline of their franchises. Or create first a PC version then a dumbed down "lite" mobile one. Do not force us to go on another platform in order to enjoy the whole storyline.

Food for thought : Imagine that Nintendo revealed a prequel to Zelda : Breath of the Wild. And that this prequel would be a mature-rated, made-in-china, PC-only, Keyboard & Mouse game. I'm sure Zelda's fans would be ecstatic ("don't you guys have a PC ??").

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