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The Nephalem – When a Game Meets Mythology

diablo4 - The Nephalem - When a Game Meets Mythology

Warning: Long Post Ahead

The other day I posted about the Typhon's Veil and how this crossed paths with the Father of Greek Monsters. Here is part two in my series, and this one focuses on the main character of the game, the Nephalem.

*The Game*

In the game the Nephalem plays a vital role in the story and events which unfold. During the game the power of the Nephalem is unusual, but they wasn't always the case. Long before the events of the game; during the creation of Sanctuary the first Nephalem came into being. When the renegade Angels and Demons left their respective sides and 'coupled' together the first Nephalem were born, beings neither Angel or Demon, but stronger than both. The first generation of Nephalem were to become known as the "Ancients", and these ancients went out into the world of Sanctuary to learn everything they could about the world they lived in. Along the way they developed the various cultures seen across sanctuary and often seen as Gods or deities to these cultures. The parents of the Nephalem came to fear the power their offspring wielded, and that it would draw the attention of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. After a time of reflection, and Lilith going insane of the loss of her progeny, Inarius decided to alter the Worldstone to cause the power of the Nephalem to wane; over the intervening centuries the Nephalem grew weaker and weaker, their lifespans becoming shorter. In the end, a new race was born. Humanity.



The Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and human women in Christian, Jewish and Islamic mythology. The term Nephilim appears in the Torah twice; once in Genesis before the Great Flood in Noah's Ark – it is believed that the Great Flood destroyed all of the Nephilim, but they weren't that easy to wipe out, which had something to do with their divine lineage. The second mention of the Nephilim is in Numbers where fearsome giants were found in Canaan. There is great deal of ambiguity around the creation and existence of the Nephilim.

Genesis 6:4 "the sons of God joined with the daughters of mankind, who bore them children – they were ancient warrior, the men of renown"

As you can see, it is a little confusing, but to be it describes powerful being much like the Greek or Norse Demi-Gods, and giants, can't forget the giants. There is one mention that I think is a Nephilim as he is a Giant and that is Goliath.


While the Nephalem in the game are born of renegade angels and demons, and in Abrahamic mythology they are born of fallen angels and human women. However, they are both portrayed as being powerful beings that were feared, hunted and often killed to wipe them out. Inarius changed the worldstone to weaken then, where God sent a Great Flood. In both the game and mythology they are seen as giants, or at least larger then humanity. There are other cases in world mythology where the children of man and divine were put through great tests such as Hercules, Perseus, Achilles from Ancient Greece or Hanuman and Garuda of India.. and even Gilgamesh.

I hope you enjoy this, and i will be posting others as I get the chance to – Lilith, the Phoenix, princess Arachne, Ba'al, Mephisto and some others………………………………..

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