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The REAL RBG Monk build guide 2020

diablo9 - The REAL RBG Monk build guide 2020

– Intro –
The recently created monk build post demonstrated a weird mix of items. There's no way you can hit infinite dashes with that build – which makes it suboptimal for farming rainbow goblins. Here is a list you should actually use to farm rainbow goblins with. Keep in mind that you can swap a couple items here and there, and not a lot will change the build IE MH weapon and gloves. Keep an eye out for the most relevant items in the build.

– How to play –
Hold down the dash button. Epiphany whenever it's off cooldown.

– Skills –

Dashing strike – Radiance – Fire based for resource cost reduction. (spam this to zoom zoom)

Epiphany – Insight – Increased spirit regen (spam this)

Sweeping wind – Inner Storm – Increased spirit regen. (do not spam this)

Mystic Ally – Air Ally – Increased spirit regen (do not spam this)

Mantra of Healing – Spirit regen / Damage reduction (do not spam this)

Insert additional ability here – I prefer crippling wave with tsunami.

– Passives –

Beacon of Ytar – CC reduction. Must have.

Exalted Soul – Spirit regen. Must have.

Chant of resonance – Spirit regen / resource cost reduction. Must have.

* Fleet footed – (aka insert passive here)*

– Gear –


I have 73% spirit cost reduction and 46% cooldown reduction. This allows me to zoom zoom.

Absolutely necessary items are listed below.

Those with ** can potentially be replaced with whatever you want – read the associated description.

  1. Set – Raiment of a thousand storms 4 piece bonus – I recommend Shoulders, pants, boots.
  2. Head – Leoric's crown with Topaz. – Massive resource cost reduction.
  3. Chest – Cindercoat – Reduces fire skill (aka dash) resource cost.
  4. Belt – Kyoshiro's soul – Infinite inner storm stacks = spirit regen.
  5. OH – Vengeful wind – extra stacks / damage. Can be argued that it is not necessary.
  6. Ring – Obsidian ring of the zodiac – cooldown reduction passive
  7. Legendary Gem – Molten wildebeest gizzard lvl 25+ – Bubble = 100% Pride's fall uptime.

** MH – In-Geom – If you run normal difficulty, you will kill elite packs easily. Cooldown reduction.

** Gloves – Gloves of worship – Not necessary. Helps dash spam if build is not optimal.

** Legendary Gem – Wreath of Lightning – Kill more things while you zoom zoom.

Any items/slots not listed can be filled with whatever. For example, I run Lacuni prowlers on my bracers. Doesn't matter what you pick there.

– Cube –

Like gear, these are necessary. Feel free to swap the cube items with whatever equivalent item above – as long as you have both item passives it doesn't matter what you cube vs what you wear.

  1. Burst of Wrath – Massive spirit regen.
  2. Pride's fall – Massive spirit cost reduction
  3. ** Ring of Royal Grandeur – Set piece reduction. You can place anything else here, if you find that you do not need gloves of worship. Obviously run the set gloves at that point, for the crucial 4 piece set bonus.

Have fun!

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