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The remake they should have done, and why classic team cant be involved.

diablo10 - The remake they should have done, and why classic team cant be involved.


We have been saying this for years on the Warcraft reddit, the classic team ( I wont name names) is no good. Too old, too slow, too much employment security??? Not enough pay??? Trying to find a reason here and probably too much d***ing around in the office. To be honest, I dont know, and I dont care. They said they were gonna do it, they didnt deliver and then they went radio silent and acted like we were the annoying ones and we didnt exist anymore.

If the corporate pressure is too much, then they need to say so, and have it delayed, allocate more time for debugging, choose a more realistic date. Find a solution that wont have the whole internet bury you (again).

The classic team owns this mess, I dont blame Blizzard, I blame certain people that were in charge of the project. Its their responsibility to tell their superiors (wich were hiring new devs) that they dont feel up to the task and need more ressources. I have the impression that certain people said "they could handle it" when clearly they could not.

And I hope, that this company doesnt show bad judgement again, and decides to remake the game in a more manageable, more modern engine, so that they dont have to rely on this classic team.


The engine is too old graphically, not at all maintainable,has too much security issues, too much server lag issues in PvP, and all the other dupe exploits. Bugs nested in bugs and clearly the programmers are scared to play with switches for even small updates.

Whats the track record on the few and far between Diablo 2 updates? Terrible, updates that messed up whirlwind and frenzy skill for like 1 year straight, basically forcing people to make a double swing barb "because the others skills are bugged". And now they think they are up to the task for a remaster…Are you kidding me?

What they need to do is simply bite the bullet, remake it. It will take less time and cost less in the long run.

Whats good also, in a remake, is that it limits the creativity of know it all talentless people, who dont know about Herald of Zakarum yet claim to be Diablo fans. You want these type of people to be creative in the way they recreate the canvas and dungeons, nothing more. The job of being a genius, being talented, showing good judgement and taste was already done 20 years ago, by Brevik and his team.

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