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The Swami vs. Leoric’s Crown?

diablo1 - The Swami vs. Leoric's Crown?

So I just found a legendary helmet called "The Swami" that has the effect "The bonuses from Archon stacks now last for 19 seconds after Archon expires".

I feel like I should be obligated to equip this onto my build as I am playing an archon wizard, however right now I am using a Leoric's Crown which just seems like a straight up better option to me. Leoric's Crown amplifies the effect of any gem socketed into it, to which I have a diamond inside of it for maximum cooldown reduction.

So The Swami makes it so I can sustain some of the offensive benefits of archon more often, however Leoric's Crown makes it so I not only have the offensive buffs more often, but also makes it so I also have the speed provided by the reduced teleport cooldown while in archon more often.


In addition to that, a lot of my archon damage comes from the Chantodo's Resolve set bonus that makes a Wave of Destruction come out of me every second while in archon. This damage can be gotten more often by Leoric's Crown allowing me to be in archon more often, but The Swami doesn't do anything to help sustain this damage buff.

So why would I ever take The Swami over Leoric's Crown? Does The Swami have more potential for extreamly good stat rolls or something, or am I overestimating how much Leoric's Crown helps me be in archon more often?

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