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The Temple of the Triune – A Beneficial Religion with a Malicious Core

diablo15 - The Temple of the Triune - A Beneficial Religion with a Malicious Core

Warning – A very long post ahead.

The Temple of the Triune was the brainchild of the Greater Evils to try and convert the denizens of Sanctuary to their side of the force. What is the purpose of the Temple of the Triune? How did the Temple of the Triune work? How does the Temple of the Triune relate to real world Trinities? These are the answers I am going to try and present to you in this post. As with all my Lore/Real World Mythology posts, it will be a long one – I tend to ramble a little bit.

The Temple of the Triune

The Temple of the Triune was created as a way for the Greater Evils to conceal their true motives, which was to brain wash humanity into believing in them, enslaving humanity to their will. As with many cults, the Temple of the Triune created a well sculpted theology and belief system, which drew more and more people to it’s cause. The Temple of the Triune preached messages of selfless worship and devotion; and if followers did this, they could improve their lives – which would seduce millions of people to the religion over the course of many decades. The priests and acolytes of the triune preached that there should always be peaceful resolutions to conflict, which on the surface seemed idea to the populace – especially as the Cathedral of Light which was created in response to the Triune dictated that the individual was more important than the whole. The Temple of the Triune had places of worship in many of the major settlements throughout Sanctuary, but the main temple was near Kehjan – the other temples scattered through Sanctuary were all subordinate to it.


The Power of Three – In this case the Power of Three didn’t set you free… it enslaved you

The number THREE was sacred to the Temple of the Triune as it represented the three deities that formed the Triune and when the guards and armed infantry – called Peace Warders – would always travel in groups of three, reflecting this integral number. The Temple of the Triune was comprised of THREE smaller cults, each was devoted to one of the Triune’s deities or guardian spirits, who were in fact one of the Greater Evils in disguise. Each of the Triune’s cults were led by a High Priest from the main temple in Kehjan, though the highest authority in the Temple of the Triune was the Primus – which is like the Pope in Catholicism. Smaller temples and places of worship were led by a Cleric and lesser priests who would take care of the administration of the day to day running of the temple. Peace Warders were religious guards that travelled through Sanctuary, they wore symbols of their order, which would guide newcomers and believers to the group of their choice. The Temple of the Triune had an elite fighting force, but they would only ever be deployed in severe or special circumstances.

The Temple of the Triune had THREE Guiding/Guardian Spirits, whose names were derived from the names of the Prime Evil that headed the order. Each Order in the Temple of the Triune was named after the exact opposite aspect/force to those of the Greater Evil that was the Spirit for each.

· The Order of Dialon – Dialon is the Spirit of Determination and is believed to bring purpose to humanity. Dialon was represented by a Ram, stubborn and depicted wearing the Tablets of Order. The truth behind the Order of Dialon is that the people served and worshipped Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

· The Order of Mefis – Mefis is the Spirit of Love, and the leader of the Temple of triune taught that without the Spirit of Love, nothing else could thrive; this meant that Mefis was the most vital of the Triune’s spirits. Mefis was represented by a red circle, which was a Kehjani symbol of the heart, and was depicted with open cupped hands. The truth behind the Order of Mefis is that the people served Mephisto the Lord of Hatred.

· The Order of Bala – Bala is the Spirit of Creation and the priests preached that all of humanities agricultural and architectural achievements were thanks to Bala; they also believed that the bag that he was depicted with carried the seed for all life. Bala is represented by a leaf and was depicted by him carrying a hammer and a bag. The truth behind the Order of Bala is that the people served Baal, the Lord of Destruction.

Acolytes and priests could be identified by the robes they wore, and the symbol they wore on their chests identified which of the three orders they belonged to. For those who were lower down in the ranks, the Temple of the Triune is a positive religion, but got those who are higher in the ranks, they know the truth of the Triune, and to whom they really serve. Over time, the longer you worshipped the Triune, the darker your heart would become, the closer you were to knowing the truth of Hatred, Destruction and Terror.



Downfall of the Three

In the final days of the Sin War, the powers of the Nephalem woke within a few mankind all thanks to Lilith and her meddling. She sought the downfall of the Temple of the Triune and the Cathedral of Light equally, and it is thanks to her that the second generation of Nephalem were awoken thanks to Uldyssian. The new generation of the Nephalem were called the Edyrem, and their goal was to bring both the Triune and Cathedral to their knees, to meet out justice. The Edyrem cut a bloody path through both the temples of the Triune and Cathedral, causing chaos among the ranks. Eventually Uldyssian was able to topple the Grand Temple and he knew that wile some smaller temples remained, he had cut off the head of the snake, and those that were left would soon fall into disarray, their influence fading day by day. As the years passed and the spread of the Edyrem grew further and further, purging the last remnants of both the Triune and Cathedral of Light. Even though the Edyrem did everything they could to eradicate all remnants of the Triune, but they persisted – like cockroaches – into the modern days of the Diablo timeline, namely the Coven.

Real World Trinities and Triple-Gods and Goddesses

Okay, this could spiral out into a Religious Education piece quite easily, so I will keep myself focused as much as I can. Throughout history there have been several Trinities of Gods and Goddesses that have held power over their religion, region or culture. I will start with trinities from ancient times, then move closer and closer to our own. I will only be adding a paragraph per trinity, that way I won’t pickle brains or make them explode.

Osiris, Isis and Horus

· Ancient Egypt (Theban) – Amon, Mut and Khons – These are the most popular in the Theban area of Ancient Egypt and consisted of Amon, his consort Mut and their son Khonsu. They consistuted the main objects of worship at the vast Karnak Temple complex and the Pharaoh were often depicted among them.

· Ancient Egypt (Abydos) – Osiris, Isis and Horus – around 1280 BCE Seti I built a temple at Abydos to honour the Triad of Osiris, Isis and their son Horus. Osiris is depicted with a curved beard reflect his death, Isis with a Sun Disk and Horus carrying an Ankh.

· Ancient Mesopotamia – Anu, Enlil and Ea – In Ancient Mesopotamia the Sky God Anu joined with the Storm God Enlil and the Water God Ea.

· Classical Greek – Zeus, Athena, and Apollo

· The Eleusinian Mysteries centered on Persephone (daughter), Demeter (mother), and Triptolemus (to whom Demeter taught agriculture)

· The Fates or the Moirai of Greece – Clotho (Spinner), Lachesis (Allotter) and Atropos (the Unturnable) these are three women who are the incarnations of destiny and controlled the “mother thread” of every mortal and god alike.

· Roman Capitoline – Jupiter, Juno and Minerva – three deities that were worshipped in Ancient Rome and were worshipped at Rome’s Capitoline Hill, and held a central role in the Roman religion.

· Ancient Norse – Odin, Freyr and Thor – Odin is the god of wisdom and knowledge, Freyr is the god of fertility and prosperity, and Thor is the god of thunder and strength.

· The Norn from Norse mythology – These are the women in Norse Mythology that control the fates of both men and gods alike

· The Ahuric Triad – Ahura Mazda, Mithra and Apam Napat (Zoroastrianism) – Ahura means ‘lord’ and in the Zoroastrian faith Ahura Mazda, Mithra and Apam Napat are repeatedly referenced as Ahuras.

· The Trimurti of Hinduism – Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu – is the triple deity of Supreme Divinity in Hinduism and it is with these figures that the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance and destruction belong. Brahma is the Creator. Vishnu is the Preserver. Shiva is the Destroyer.

· Celtic Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone – these are three independent aspect of the goddess, Maiden (the Virgin), Mother (Fertility) and the Crone (Wisdom).

· Christian Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost – These are the three The Father (God), the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit, all which make up the Holy Trinity. Each entity itself being God.

· Thelemic Spiritual System – Nuit, Hadit and Ta Hoor Khuit – Thelema is the religion created by Alister Crowley in the early 1900’s.

Hindu Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Depiction of the Holy Trinity in Christianity

There are many more throughout history and I could go into so much more detail, but I will save you all from that fate.

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