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The Tormented Walk – A diary of my Diablo 3 adventure. Chapter 1: The Skeleton King.

diablo19 - The Tormented Walk - A diary of my Diablo 3 adventure. Chapter 1: The Skeleton King.

TL;DR – https://imgur.com/gallery/iXikaAc

Hey everyone,

So with the announcement of D2:R I've been having a massive ARPG craving and, not wanting to burn myself out of Diablo 2 before the big release, I decided to get my fix with a little Diablo 3. This time though, I wanted to give myself a unique challenge. I've always enjoyed "walking" in Diablo, and truthfully it's my favorite way to the play game. There is something really enjoyable to me about starting with nothing and clawing your way through the game using whatever you can cobble together. This time though I decided to spice things up a little bit, and with that I created a fun little challenge for myself – The Tormented Walk.

What is the Tormented Walk? Well.. glad you asked. It's a walkthrough of the campaign but, in order to add some difficulty to the mix, I'm playing by the following rules:

  • Torment 1 difficulty – Personally this is my ideal difficulty. When paired with the other rules you see below it presents a surprisingly hard challenge.

  • Non-Seasonal; Hardcore. – No seasonal buffs to help. Most importantly, HARDCORE. We don't tolerate mistakes on this walk.

  • No cheat death passives. – Your butthole doesn't pucker up quite the same when you know you have a get out of jail free card. We don't tolerate mistakes on this walk.

  • No paragon levels. – Nope. None. Not even after level 70.

  • Can only equip dropped / quest items. – No vendors, no crafting. If you want gear you go out and pry it from the cold dead hands of the unliving. There are no grocery stores in Hell.

  • No rerolling item properties. – We only use what the good lord gives us and we tell our items that they're perfect just the way they are.

  • No stash. – All inventory is managed in the backpack. Early game this isn't much of an issue but I can see it becoming challenging as the game progresses.

  • OPTIONAL: Only move forward. – For the truly masochistic. I'm not playing by this rule but I might try a run with this if I somehow manage to complete the campaign. Under this rule you cannot go back to farm gear. Made it to the Skeleton King with no rings, amulet, two blues and a white weapon? Good luck.

Initially I started this with the goal of beating the campaign. After getting my ass kicked a few times I'll be happy if I beat The Butcher. The above ruleset has proved challenging for me, although I will admit that I'm an inexperienced, filthy casual. One thing that has surprised me is that finding gear in the early game is surprisingly difficult, and even a good blue drop feels amazing. Being so under-geared means that even small mistakes can end in disaster, and taking out big threats is a substantial and risky task.

In the link is a gallery detailing my adventure so far. I'm on my third attempt, and I already know I have a LONG way to go. So far I've stuck with the Barbarian and by this point I'm getting pretty decent at properly kiting mobs and playing around my cooldowns. My build so far focuses on heavy CC and long range AOE damage with Seismic Slam. I cannot stress just how long and painful some of the elite mob fights can be, so having a plethora of CC to kite them and to get out of sticky situations has been absolutely critical. Obviously, staying alive is the most important part, so I prioritize gear with defensive stats such as vitality and regen. This can be tricky though, since I have to leave some room for some damage both in my skill build and my item build, so part of the challenge I think will be maintaining that very fine balance. One thing that has become apparent to me is how quickly your gear can become obsolete relative to the monsters strength, and so the monsters can become deceptively strong after a small dry spell of not finding decent ups.

This has been a ton of fun so far. Next stop, The Butcher.

Thanks for reading!

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