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(Theory/Discussion) How to make unused skills usable

diablo3 - (Theory/Discussion) How to make unused skills usable

Hi everyone!

I've been staring at D3planner (now Maxroll) wondering how can we make the skills that have no multipliers usable. This will mean adding text to currently existing items, or creating entirely new items.

I focused on Overpower + Revenge, but there are many skills that need to be looked at that could be improved by just changing a few items text. If you have any thoughts on the other skills post them below. Happy to have a discussion on a different set of skills.

Key Ideas for Discussion

  • Overpower gains the effect of all runes. Overpower increases your attack speed by 6% and damage by x% per enemy hit for x seconds. Change text on Saffron Belt to something resembling this.
  • Revenge gains the effect of all runes and casts Overpower. Maybe you can add more damage increases. Maybe you can add this text to the Vambraces of Sescheron. I would like to put it on a shield as revenge requires you to be hit. You could also argue to put a damage reduction after you cast revenge, could even give/improve the Sword and Board passive if its a shield. Let me hear your thoughts.
  • Primary skills gain the effects of all runes. Make The Undisputed Champion more flexible with more skills.
  • Thrown projectiles becomes weapon throws. This includes Overpower – Storm of Steel and Frenzy – Sidearm. This could be put on Arreat's Law or The Three Hundredth Spear (discussion). I prefer putting this text on Arreat's Law. This would increase the amount of enemies you could hit with Overpower increasing the attack speed and damage stacks.

My thoughts for Overpower and Revenge is to make it a buff for your current set. It should be a briefer version of Wrath in my opinion. How to balance it to be the right amount of buff is tricky. This also reinforces the use of a shield.


The attack speed and damage increase from Saffron Belt should be the enticing factor to use these skills. Its ideally used for Immortal Kings and Frenzy is the thought.

The reason why I want to make The Undisputed Champion more flexible is so we don't make a million new items. Also, Barbarian primary skills are very simple??? I guess. Their primary skills don't need much explanation Bash: smack something, Cleave: hit in an area, Frenzy: hit fast, Weapon Throw: throw weapon. The runes even match what they need to do. For example, Monk and Fist of Thunder – Static Charge has a lot happening at once. You also have Bounding light which would make Static Charge bounce everywhere. The only other class that has all runes is Crusader with Punish. If you were to make that belt have all primary skills Cleave would go crazy because you get both the armor and attack speed runes; Smite and Justice are a bit too complex to get all runes.

This will also make it easier to buff other skills (bash and cleave to name a few)…

Thrown Projectiles become weapon throws. This as explained is to give you more stacks of overpower. You don't need to use this weapon, its optional. If you can great, if not no big deal you just wont have as many stacks, which opens up the use of Saffron Belt in other builds.

I think that's everything… Let me know what you think!

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