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Things I wish I knew before rolling Firebird Wizard this season

diablo13 - Things I wish I knew before rolling Firebird Wizard this season
  1. Mirror images are stupid. Yes, I saw it mentioned in a few videos pre season, but they are seriously inept. They only seem to work when you drop them right on top of something you want to kill. After that, half the time they just run around being useless, and when you teleport away as the build was designed to do they don't always follow.
  2. Explosive Blast / Orb of Infinite Death Mechanic feels terrible to use while being essential. It falls off constantly. The delay before it goes off + needing 3-4 stacks to stay alive + short duration + small aoe makes this a pain. Honestly this is the worst part about the build. It needs a bigger aoe and longer duration on the buff at a minimum (8 seconds). I can't spam it because…
  3. I'm always running out of Arcane Power. I have +3 APOC on my orb and 47% crit and 42% RCD. If I didn't have to constantly hit Explosive Blast it would be manageable. I'm often having to cast spectral blades when empty. Then I miss an Explosive Blast and trigger the Phoenix effect.
  4. Teleport is so clunky. I was excited to zip around like the Diablo 2 days, but I'm constantly smashing into walls and caves. It seems to have too short of a range and a delay between teleports making it feel awkward. I've run into too many walls that it should be able to jump through. On top of that, you have to maintain your 50 stacks of Combustion to keep it going, which ticks away at your Arcane Power. Movement speed based builds fly past me.

Like many of you, I was excited to finally play a Wizard this season. However, I'm the type of player that likes relaxing speed farming builds like GoD and Whirlrend. I've already rolled a Barb and built an Immortal King charge build while I farm the Wastes set I wish I got from Haedrig.


If there's something I'm missing to alleviate these problems, please let me know. I really want to like the Wizard.

https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/317051826 (Updated)

Edit: At the advice of a few people below, I begrudgingly re-rolled my ancient source to go from 3 APOC – 4 and upped my crit chance to 62%. I got lucky and the source that rolled was also ancient with better stats and native 4 APOC. It plays a *lot* smoother now with arcane power, but teleport and images still suck. I also still wish The Explosive Blast buff lasted 8 seconds as it fell off a few times with poor density. Numlocking it helped dramatically though.

Edit 2: Yes, I read the guides. Yes, I know the build is powerful. Yes, I know my gear is not perfect. I just think it could be more fun to play if these problems were smoothed out more. Thank you to those that offered constructive help, I'm having a better time now.

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