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Things I’d like to happen in Diablo 4

diablo7 - Things I'd like to happen in Diablo 4
  1. Diablo is the expansion boss. Diablo has always been our ultimate foe. But in 2 and 3, he was sidelined when Bhaal and Malthael got the role of final boss. I think Diablo needs to get this role.
  2. Some customization options for the classes. You can make your character look anyway you want them to look, hair, eyes, noses, face, etc.
  3. Mephisto plays the role of Big Bad in the vanilla game. Diablo and Bhaal love spreading destruction and terror, but spreading hatred, corruption and bringing out the worst in humanity is something I fear more then terror and destruction. Especially if Mephisto reveals that he DOESN'T actually corrupt humanity or make them do terrible things, he just gives them a helping hand.
  4. Have the player character be more involved in the story. In every cutscene, the pc is absent all the time. I want to see the pc be more involved in the plot.
  5. Have some unique differences in the story depending on your character, similar to how in ROS, the PC meet a different soul depending on their class.
  6. Character development for Imperius. I can't confirm this, but I detected that Imperius is trying to hide a vulnerable side to him in ROS. If the grouchy Archangel of Valor is bottling up his emotions, he should let them out. After all, valor is just as much about admitting your faults and letting out your emotions as it is about facing evil fearlessly.
  7. Reveal that under certain circumstances, demons can become angels. Angels are not above the corruption of the Burning Hells, and Izual and Malthael are textbook examples of this. But there can be no good without evil and no heaven without hell. So I think it should be revealed that demons are not above the goodness of the High Heavens, and if they succumb to it, or feel remorse for their actions, can become angels.
  8. We travel to the place where souls go when they die. Contrary to what mortals believe, the High Heavens is not the resting place for mortal souls. All we know about the Diablo afterlife is that it's beyond the reach of angels. If I could write it and make it a location in 4, I'd call it the Higher Heavens. This would be the resting place of good humans, animals, and angels who died fighting demons. It's also where Anu went to after he died. Perhaps the role in the story involves making sure Leah gets there if one of the missions is to save her soul, since I read that she might return.
  9. Have Inarius play a role. Lilith is confirmed to be present, but I also want to meet Inarius, after all, they are the creators of sanctuary, and I guess it would be safe to call them gods, since they gave birth to humanity when they had the first human/nephilim children.
  10. Have some feel good moments. Something about Diablo that surprises me, is that there's some surprisingly strong moments of humanity. First off, ever notice how a lot of the NPC's are actually decent and friendly people? I guess the idea is to make you like them so that you'll want to protect them from evil. But in 3, the the PC did some stuff that makes me emotional. Freeing the souls of the wrongfully imprisoned in Leoric's dungeon, mercy killing Diablo's hosts and the Impaled Angels in Heaven, and telling companions that they are better then they think they are. More of this is needed. Hacking and slashes demons is fun, but I do like breaks. Speaking of breaks…
  11. Have some puzzle moments. Have some parts of the stages where you need to solve a puzzle to continue. It would make a nice break from all the fighting.
  12. New classes, speaks for itself.

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