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Things to know about spirit barrage, mundunugu’s, and the barber

diablo20 - Things to know about spirit barrage, mundunugu's, and the barber

Hey hey!

So first off, weird set.. Weird mechanics.. What's not to love? Just want to share some things I've found about it for everyone while I've been doing GR's.

So with barber and phantasm- it appears to accumulate at 10 yards, and the explosion is 15 yards.

If the monsters wander out of the phantasm and it detonates, from what I've seen no damage is done to them.

If the phantasm is left there with no damage being dealt, if something wanders in it will only deal the accumulated damage it could have taken like if there was no barber once you detonate it. So no leaving them there for 9 seconds with nothing in it as a trap.

They appear to generate damage based on how many targets are in its range- more targets equals more boom (ie if it does say 100 damage in its duration, and there's 5 people in the radius, it explodes for 500).

Spamming them vs waiting for them does the same amount of damage. However, it's possible to cause them to detonate before their next tick, leading to a net loss in DPS. However, rush of essence is also increasing your mana regen everytime you cast it for 10s. If you're spamming it constantly, it's about 200mps and the set will multiply that by 5 and add it into the 20k damage it adds to spirit barrage damage. While it's not massive to prioritize gearing for mana regen, the mundunugu's set bonus does increase the damage based on mana regen. You want to find a balance if you do happen to use that passive- you might as well right. If you can completely ignore your mana it's not going to be out damaging the other passives and can be swapped.


Due to the smaller enemies adding damage to the explosion, you generally don't want to just kill them off with spam while they're in the group. A good use would be pulling packs of monsters by casting phantasm on them. That'll proc the mana regen. It will also ensure manitou is attacking at the highest attack speed. Use your judgement, if you have a group waiting with 3 phantasms on them building, do something else. Don't get too hung up on pushing the mana regen high, everything else should take priority. Just do it if you can.

The damage modifiers are factored in while the damage is accumulating, and not when you detonate. For example, oculus ring you want to stand in it as long as you can with the enemies in the phantasms. convention you want to have the phantasms building damage in cold, and then detonating it once the rotation is completely done (or not, just make sure you have them accumulating in cold, you don't have to detonate them right away). Same thing with applying locusts or haunt, you want that applied first.

They either detonate after 10 seconds, or they detonate when the 3 pet limit goes over, so casting a 4th one.

And this is just if you're a witch doctor in general, but please send more stash tabs I have no room:
iopdiM6 - Things to know about spirit barrage, mundunugu's, and the barber


If I made a mistake or you want to add stuff in, please feel free. I've been trying to push on the leaderboard this season and am having a lot of fun with the build, but admitedly it's a bit more convoluted than other builds I've played in the past and I'd hate to think that people might be struggling with it 🙂

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