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Thoughts on Diablo 4 Endgame // Replay-ability – Come give your thoughts on how you would love to see it.

diablo4 - Thoughts on Diablo 4 Endgame // Replay-ability - Come give your thoughts on how you would love to see it.

Hello Everyone,

Here’s my take on Endgame // Replay-ability.This is just my personal opinion, not me saying THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!Ideas and personal opinions, that’s all.

The state of Diablo3:
One thing that I found in Diablo 3 was that it truly lacked good endgame content and replay-ability.It takes between 1h to 3hours to level from 1-70, this is way too fast and specially an issue since there is no character customization/Building/Sacrifices to be made, it’s simply something you have to get out of the way so that you can unlock everything your class has to offer at level 70 in skills/skill-runes.at level 70 you pretty much gets handed a set which lets you explode in power… within the first 10-15hours of the season start you got all the other sets, uniques you need to be able to build all the other builds as well… what is there then left?Gaining perfect rolls on your items, Augments(Statboost on your gear)And finally but not least, the eternal unsatisfying paragon farming to be able to grind higher level greater rifts or perhaps compete on the leaderboard top 10 if you like to farm paragon against the bots out there. 😊..So paragon/infinite scaling greater rifts is pretty much the endgame of Diablo 3.

Unique builds & Sacrifices along the way:
In Diablo 3 you don’t have to make ANY sacrifices on your character, once you hit level 70 you have all skills/runes unlocked and you can switch at will, so once you have leveled for example a wizard.. you don’t ever have to level another wizard(till next season.)

One of the big reasons I play ARPGs is to create unique builds I find fun, which involves making sacrifices and hard choices to make your build flourish and come together into something that is amazing/fun… or trash and then you try again.

This is some of the things I hope to see.Talents: I hope there is going to be a massive amount of engaging cool talents where you have to make sacrifices or hard choices, where you won’t be able to unlock everything, just a set amount.And in case you do mistakes there should be a few options(expensive options) to remove a few points to try and make it work. A bit like in Path of exile.. not that it should be as big or complex as PoE, but each class could have it’s own talent tree.

I really hope you don’t just get all skills handed to you or are able to unlock all skills to your class through “Skill tomes” as they stated in their Q&A.I hope you have to make skill choices.


Skill modifications:
This is something I find extremely important, this will create a huge amount of variation in builds in the playerbase and make your character/build seem unique to the other players you meet out in sanctuary or friends you team up with to fight monsters.This can be done in many ways, through talents, skill runes, support gems, uniques, sets.What if we had skill trees for each skill?, lets say you choose to use a fireball in your build, then you get a skilltree for your fireball skill, like your class talent tree where you can choose “Skill talents” that modifies the way your fireball skill work? That combined with unique items that modifies your skills would create a massive amount of possibilities to create unique and fun builds that truly feel unique and special.

Allowing players to create special and unique builds adds a lot of replay-ability to the game.

Seasons/Leagues or whatever you want to call them also gives a lot of replay-ability and keeps players around, but there needs to be changes to the game each league, this is something GGG does really well with Path of Exile where they add new uniques, game modes and so on to each League, if they find them a success they let them stay in the next leagues.. which keeps new content coming.

To be able to sustain and do this however I feel like Blizzard need to find a way to get continues revenue in on Diablo 4.. even if this comes down to MTX/Cosmetic sales a subscription or something.This needs to be done for a business to justify keeping developers around working on the game between each season.(Absolutely no “Pay for Power”!)

GreaterRifts/Dungeons/Endgame monster killing:
I hope they come with a good variety of endgame monster killing options, so that it doesn’t end up in a way so that greater rifts/Infinite scaling dungeon is truly the only way to progress and if you are doing it any other way then you are truly missing out on progress for your character.I like the idea around the Mythic+ kind of key they have talked about.It should just not be the end all be all, the game should move you towards other places/Dungeons/whatever it might be to progress your character.

To end this post I would like to state that I like that they are looking towards their older games D1, D2 and D3 for what they did well to try and build on that in D4.However I also really hope they keep an eye on the competitors out there like Path of Exile(4.0 coming up) Lost Ark( I know this is more of an MMO), Grim Dawn and so on.. even last epoch and wolcen eventhough they are not really released.They all individually add something special and cool to the genre which could be great ideas/concepts for the future of Diablo 4..A lot has happened in the ARPG genre over the years, specially after Blizzard created the iconic Diablo 2.

My 2cents, please take this as my personal opinions and not me trying to state that there are no other way, everyone has their own right to their opinions 😊

What do you guys think?


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