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Time for season of balance?

diablo8 - Time for season of balance?

Hi all Diablo fans!

We have all come long journey with Diablo 3, and for some it sure felt more rocky than for others. Currently Diablo 3 is a pretty good game. It plays very well, it still offers nice graphics, has decently good enough content and nice amount of depth. But even that I am enjoying the current season, I strongly feel that Diablo 3 is wasting so much of its potential. And I know Diablo 4 has been announced but considering the facts that it has different developing team than the team patching Diablo 3 and that its determined date is not even blizzard soon so we have still plenty of Diablo 3 left in our hands and resources to improve it.

So, why not make the final years of Diablo 3 as good as it could be?

Here are few things I feel that Diablo 3 wastes really badly.

  1. Story. When season starts, starting with storymode is like shooting urself to leg. You will slowly limb through the levels and progression when others blaze to 70 in adventure, only to play more adventure for the rest of the season. So we definitely should bring story to a level where it is realistic option to those who care about progression speed. Wouldn't it be nice to kick off ur next season with something else than bounties or rifts? 🙂

  2. Legendary items. Diablo 3 has amazing collection of legendaries, but lets face it, how many of those see actual gameplay? It is most likely that you will have your hands on to something over powered before u can give ur first shard of hate a few swings or summon an angel to fight by ur side. Not to mention that the overpowerness of some of the legendary items, specially when stacked with sets kills so much depth and diversity in this game. So instead of releasing new set that kills the "viability" of 3 others, can we just take a deep breath and appreciate that we have enough material to work with already. We dont need a new set, what we need is a big balance overhaul that would aim to bring the "viability" of all the existing stuff to similar levels. And by similar levels I mean that a proc from shard of hate wouldn't do only 600,000,000 damage when hungering arrow does 17,000,000,000,000. 😉
    * I mean how did we even end up in such build killing situation in first place?

  3. Unique enemies. Why are these lore related "elites?" not actual elites in terms of power and drops? To be fair shouldn't they be a lot stronger and feel like they actually are something special and epic to encounter when compared to regular stack of blue colored whatever.

  4. Ubers, I mean lol. While there are again items that are so overpowered that it completely kills the viability of the crafted stuff, there are other big issues too. When they would be useful it is too toxic to go for them (I mean just gamble amulets and rings and u are far better off progression wise than hunting for keys as low paragon). And when u finally can round up the keys fast enough that its actually fun idea to try ubers, they are going to die in few hits and the crafted stuff is already useless.

  5. Seasonal limited mainstat scaling. As non existing feature this is terribly wasted. I get it, people need to feel that every minute they play matters. But what about the people who dont want to bot, have jobs other than streaming or simply dont want to play like ur life depended on it. Should they get completely shut out from leaderboards? I dont think so. In most popular competitive games out there, it doesent matter if u play only few hours a day, you can still compete. Currently, competitive side of Diablo 3 is for botters, streamers and jobless people who are willing to play from dawn to dusk. And no, challenge dungeons are not substitute, its not even my god damn character.

Thanks for reading my opinion, now share YOURS.

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