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Timeline of Blizzard Projects

diablo8 - Timeline of Blizzard Projects

Apologies in advance if this isn't the place for this, but I thought after the announcement of Diablo: Immortals, that this would put things into perspective, and someone would find this information interesting.


My analysis/thoughts:

Warcraft seems to be the focus for Blizzard, as there are a total of 13 projects listed on this timeline. I did not include console re-releases, only projects that would require new content in terms of story, game engine, or game mechanics. Mobile releases are also not reflected in this chart.

Starcraft seems to be as neglected as the Diablo series, but in recent events, there were two expansions to the Starcraft II series, whereas Diablo3 still only received one.


From what is shown here, if Blizzard wants to invest in new IPs, then yes other franchises will suffer. With the addition of Hearthstone and Overwatch, they have added another two titles that would require a certain amount of continuous attention in terms of patches and updates to keep those games fresh.

Conclusion: None.

My attempts at building this isn't to make a point, but merely as an illustration for those of you that complain saying that D3 has been neglected. I personally feel that it's up to Blizzard to decide what projects they want to focus on. Use this information as you wish.

P.S. Diablo Immortal is not on this as we don't have a solid release date yet, and there's a slight chance still that it could be cancelled (cross your fingers!).


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