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diablo17 - Tips for Necro player

towards the beginning of the season i had few moment of frustration with Necro because of the build choices and gear. i often felt like i hit a wall. As i have now tried out all the possible Necro build suggested by other and my gear have gotten significantly better. i'd like to give my fellow new necros out there some tips and guidance about the stage of gearing up and which build you should be running at what level of difficulty.

beginning setup

GR1-GR80 -> Inarius bone storm setup (

), this build will help you farming some ancient pieces, i personally prefer to use Endless Walk set instead of wisdom of Kalan for both toughness and damage since this build require you to face tank as many mob as possible. However i felt like using this build beyond GR80 is abit less efficient, since you will most likely have better gears for other build.

GR1-GR90 -> if you dont like bone storm, can try this Rathma Singularity Mage (

). Again use this build to gather up some useful ancient

Mid level GR farming

GR80 – GR115 -> LON singularity mage (

). this setup has at least 3 variant with slightly different choices of gear such as Golemskin, hexing yen, Dayntee's binding and etc. you can play around with each variant and some focus on more damage and some focus on more toughness. Depends on your aim is to farm or push.


High End GR pushing

GR115+ -> LON thorn summoner (

). this setup is specifically targeted at GR pushing. The gear required takes the longest to acquire.

T16 farming & bounty

i would use LON singularity mage for this. and the variant i use for T16 farming and bounty is (

), however instead of LOD i use Golemnskin for added thoughness and reaper's wrap for faster essence regen.

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Final Tip

LON becomes viable at as early as 6~7 ancient pieces, if you are going to switch from inarius or Rathma set to LON with only 6 ancient pieces or less you are going to feel ALOT more squishier, However you should have enough damage to out weight the death (if you dont mind dying). LON singularity mage with 6~7 ancient pieces will you get through GR 80 just as standard sets will.

edit: I am also acknowledge the corp lance setup both with Pestilence and LON, however, i do NOT like such play-style and since rathma and LON singularity can do equal. however the link to corp lance setup can be found here: LON corp lancer (


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