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Tips to make the game “last longer”?

diablo20 - Tips to make the game "last longer"?

TL:DR – I wanna make the game last longer before hitting that "Ancient/Primals or bust" point in gearing that comes so quickly these days. Any suggestions?

Played a lot of vanilla, didn't touch RoS until Season 14, and then just came back to roll a Demon Hunter. Immediately what I noticed is wow, this game gets boring fast in Seasonal! I had all 6 pieces of Marauders from Haedrig's Gift, hit level 70 and was playing Torment 13+ in just a couple days of casual play. I quickly got the rest of the legendaries I needed for the basic build, so after just another couple days I was farming T16 comfortably.

But I then realized that despite maybe 20-30ish hours of gameplay I had already hit a point where the only path forward was to roll Ancient/Primals for the very specific build I have. Meaning out of the dozens of potential rolls for each slot, I needed my Ancients/Primals to roll just 1 piece of gear in that slot. After about a week of continued casual play. I have literally not managed to find a single upgrade. I had some fun getting Crimsons to drop as a set, which gave me better survivability and helped me push GR100, but that's about it.

I'm bored out if my mind, and it took just a couple days of casual play to hit that point. I'm also just bored with almost every build I see in this game. So many rely on set bonuses that almost always turn the game into a "Spam 1 attack and mash resource refills when they're off CD" and holy cow I can't express how boring that's gotten, knowing almost every ability doesn't matter outside of the 1 my set buffs to high hell and back.


I wanna keep playing D3, but the game has been powercrept to the point of absurdity. It takes almost no time to gear up for T10+ or hit 70 even as a casual solo player with supremely suboptimal play and stats.

I plan on rolling a new character on Hardcore next season, as I figure the increased tension will make the game more enjoyable, and having to restart my character if I do die could actually end up being super duper fun in a way! I also just don't plan on using Haedrig's Gift, since getting a T13+ capable build for free at the start of the season is kinda ridiculous. I figure I'd also use that ring-set that has players use all Legendaries and doesn't allow you to use other sets, since I figure it'll give me more chances to experiment and find upgrades I might not have bothered trying out otherwise, while also making the core gameplay about more than spamming 1 skill.

But are there any things you guys do to make the game more fun? Maybe if I had a farming group (or if anyone in Xbox would stay in my lobby long enough to farm with me) I'd have some fun gearing up. But as it stands I'm at a point where I have BiS Legendaries, and farming hours for just a few Ancients and maybe a single Primal that likely weren't even the right gearpieces is just beyond boring. Hell, even some Ancients/Primals I get that end up being the right piece of gear end up not being upgrades cause they roll the wrong things, which is so upsetting

EDIT: I know a lot of these complaints aren't new to y'all, but wew its crazy hoe bad gearing in D3 has gotten. Vanilla D3 and early RoS were so much better for it imo

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