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Top 7 why diablo 3 is crap

diablo1 - Top 7 why diablo 3 is crap

Here is an interesting video

I will comment his points

He is a huge diablo fan. As he starts introducing the video.

7 Questionable direction

I strongly agree with him. Also, Blizzard removed any type of character progression.

6 – Still no PvP

And being very honest, how PvP can ever work on D3? The damage inflation is insane "then mitigate the damage on pvp", then another problem will happens. If you have an full set and your enemy has 4/5 of a set, you will be hundreds of times more powerful. Exactly thanks to the multiplications. Is impossible to have an balanced pvp with the damage inflation. Even Blizzard realized that D3 lacks depth. At 3:58 Have they seen they own progression system?

5 – Always online

So your internet is awful? Do you live in a rural area? Sorry, D3 isn't for you. Not mentioning, you can't mod the game… Also, it kills HC for me. I don't wanna lose an HC char by one sec desync. And it kills the modding community

4 – How skill damage is calculated

Monks having big and sharp poleaxes in order to dismaterialize then, then punch then rematerialize. Yes, even monks punches and minions like golems damage relay on the weight and size of your weapon. On D2, some skills scales with WD, some with enemy HP, some with raw skill damage, some are skill damage + weapon damage, etc.

3 – The action house


To be fair it was removed, but the consequences of AH still in the game. They made always online and everything %WD exactly by it.

2 The skill runes

Initially, the skill system looks limilar to Sacred 1/2(3 is crap), so you level up skill by looting runes and using skils. Now the system is a skill line, like cod unlocking system.

1 – They made it into WOW

I strongly agree. Attributes in RPG's are ways to meassure your character capabilities. From M&M VII(first RPG of my life), to Pathfinder Kingmaker(last modern RPG that i've enjoyed) and Dark Souls 2(last modern aRPG that i liked, they measure your character capabilities. An world where everyone has the same IQ and the unique way to raise an IQ is by getting an better glove makes no sense. WoW started with this notion of attributes linked towards gear that makes NO SENSE. And cooldowns, something that doesn't belong to an aRPG. Cooldown are just an form of handholding that developers use when they can't think in a better way to balance the skills.

An interesting comment

AngerIssuez 2 years ago I didn't play Diablo 1 and 2 for the loot and slaughter

I played it because I heard it was the most enjoyable, atmospheric, interesting game ever made.

That's why D3 sucks for me. It feels more like WoW fantasy than dark Diablo fantasy. It's too light, and the atmosphere is all but gone.

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