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Trying to do Sprinter / Speed Racer? Increase the game difficulty! (also DH build)

diablo16 - Trying to do Sprinter / Speed Racer? Increase the game difficulty! (also DH build)

I just solo'd Speed Racer at ~57 min, and one somewhat counter-intuitive thing I did to improve my chances was to up the difficulty to Master. This is because Rechel's Ring of Larceny boosts your speed when you fear an enemy, and enemies don't get feared when you one-shot everything.

Idk how well this works for other builds though; you want bosses and certain uniques to go down quickly too, and maybe upping the difficulty to not one-shot everything slows you down too much. DH-GoD shoots Strafe projectiles that do little damage, and can therefore proc fear, and Hungering Arrow projectiles (by Strafing) that hit much harder (even in the speed build), so upping the difficulty works particularly well for this build. Maybe other classes can do something similar.

The build


  • Hungering Arrow – Shatter Shot
  • Strafe – Drifting Shadow
  • Smoke Screen – Displacement
  • Shadow Power – Shadow Glide
  • Preparation – Focused Mind
  • Companion – Ferret Companion


  • Tactical Advantage
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Perfectionist
  • Blood Vengeance


  • Weapon: Yang's Recurve
  • Quiver: The Ninth Cirri Satchel
  • Chest, gloves, shoulders, pants/boots: Gears of Dreadlands
  • Belt, boots/pants: Captain Crimson's Trimmings
  • Helm: Pride's Fall
  • Bracers: Warzechian Armguards
  • Rings: Rechel's Ring of Larceny, Pandemonium Loop
  • Amulet: Rondal's Locket


  • Echoing Fury
  • Krelm's Buff Belt
  • Avarice Band
  • Leoric's Crown (season 22, otherwise wear it instead of Pride's Fall)


  • Boon of the Hoarder
  • Wreath of Lightning
  • Gogok of Swiftness
  • Diamond in weapon and helm

How to play: similar to a regular GoD build. Use Strafe to move and kill. Stop when necessary to use HA to refresh Momentum stacks, but it's better to refresh several at a time rather than constantly stopping, and you should try to refresh them with the Echoing Fury buff active for +75% attack speed. Hit your 4 other abilities every time SS is off cooldown (one finger between the 1 and 2 keys, one between 3 and 4), or if you tend to run low on discipline, alternate between hitting Shadow Power and not doing so since it has a 5-sec duration (the downside being that it takes more attention). I didn't have any resource problems with 80% hatred RCR and 82% discipline RCR, though outside season 22 you have less because of the lack of Pride's Fall.

Priority stats:

  • Chance to fear on hit: on rings, weapon, helm, quiver. Gets you more speed from Rechel.
  • CDR: lets you spam SS faster, and gets you more Preparation uptime (67% = permanent).
  • IAS: lets you refresh Momentum faster
  • Pickup radius: to get the Avarice Band buff started faster
  • RCR: you should get enough from paragon + Perfectionist + Yang + Crimson + Pride, and probably enough even outside season 22 with the lack of Pride but who knows.

Season 22 alternatives to Pride's Fall: wear Leoric's Crown and cube either In-geom or Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac.

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