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Typhon – The Father of all Monsters

diablo14 - Typhon - The Father of all Monsters

Warning: Long Post Ahead

When it was announced that the news set for the Wizard class was named Typhon, and that it was designed around the Hydra skill; and it got the ole marbles in my brain pan clanking around. I am not to let something go, especially when I know I know the thing. So; I went to my books on world mythology – at this point I could have just Googled it, but it never actually occurred to me – yes, I know, I am a numpty.

Typhon is a figure from Ancient Greek Mythology and as the title suggests, he was known as the "Father of all Monsters".

*His Birth*

Typhon is the son of Gaia (the Primordial Goddess of the Earth) and Tartarus (the Primordial God of the 'pit' aka Tartarus the lowest level in Hades). Typhon was born out of revenge as a way to punish Zeus for imprisoning the Titans in Tartarus. It's Gaia's fury and hatred that led her to having another child, thus; Typhon was born.


There are many depictions of what Typhon looked like, and they differ wildly; but whatever the depiction they all refer to his as the mightiest and deadliest of all of the Greek Monsters. In one description he is depicted as a fire-breathing dragon that had a hundred heads and never slept. Another described being so large that his head brushed the starts in the heavens, and shaped like a man from the waist up, but had two serpents for legs and had one hundred serpent heads for fingers. One commonality is that Typhon was grotesque and had eyes that flashed fierce with fire.

*The Great War*

The war between the Titan and the Olympian gods is known as the Titanomachy, and lasted for about ten years. The Titans were the older generation of Greek Gods (Cronus, Rhea, Phoebe, Hyperion) and the children of Gaia and Uranus. The Olympian Gods were the younger of the Greek Gods (Zeus, Hades, Hera, Poseidon) and the children of Rhea and Cronus, led by Zeus. As with all Greek myths there is great drama and the story of Typhon is the same; it is a tale of vengeance, castration, the overthrowing a father and the creation of a tyrant.


Zeus' hated from the Titan's came from his father's actions of swallowing each of his children to ensure that he would never be overthrown by his children (like he had overthrown his own father). Zeus' mother sent him away to safety, once he had grown up, he made his father vomit up his siblings and convinced them to start a rebellion. The war began by Zeus releasing the Cyclops and Hectonchires (Hundred Handers) from Tartarus (Cronus imprisoned them) and asked them to aid him in the war against their captor – they agreed. The Hectonchires threw rocks at the Titans while the Cyclops created the infamous thunder bolts. At the end of the war, Zeus imprisoned the Titan's in Tartarus – the deepest, darkest and foulest level of the Greek Underworld. Enraged, Gaia gave birth to Typhon to 'get back' at Zeus.

The first battle between with the Olympians resulted in Typhon repelling the Olympian gods, and the extraction all of Zeus' tendons – okay, it was more like he tore them out in one fell swoop. Eventually Hermes was able to retrieve the tendons and as a result of getting them back, he bombarded Typhon with the power of his lightening bolts; this overwhelmed Typhon; giving Zeus the opportunity to imprison Typhon under Mouth Etna – Mount Etna status as the most active volcano in Europe was believed to be due to Typhon's bound fury.

*Father of all Monsters*

According to Greek Mythology Typhon was "joined with love" with Echidna (which I assume means some kind of copulation happened, but the Greeks loved to spin a good yarn) and produced some of the fiercest, dangerous and vilest monsters in Greek Mythology. Their children include:

  • Orthus – The two-headed dog that guarded the Castle Geryon
  • Cerberus – The three-headed dog that guarded the Gates of Hades
  • Lernean Hydra – the many-headed serpent who, when a head was cut off two would grow back
  • Chimera – Fire-breathing beast that was art Lion, part Goat and a snake for a tail.

I hope you have enjoyed this.. TTFN

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