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Unpopular opinion: Diablo 2 is out. If you want the same game from 20 years ago…go play it.

diablo10 - Unpopular opinion: Diablo 2 is out. If you want the same game from 20 years ago...go play it.

I have been saying this a lot recently, I love this game, I played when it was launch and it was love at first sight. My first char was an axe wielding, poison nova, skeleton invoker Necro…and he was perfect.

I'm going to sound like a broken record but I want this game to be the best it can be…not the same it was. Diablo 2 is the game I played the most in my gaming life (Almost 15 years of playing, leaving it and coming back). But things change, technology change, games change… sometimes for worst and sometimes for good. We can't deny Diablo 2 was beautiful but that doesn't mean it was perfect, it has room for improvement; we can't let our nostalgia blind us.

And no…we don't want to transform Diablo 2 into Diablo 3. Not even Diablo 3 wants to be Diablo 3. But why not take the good ideas from popular mods? Is it really so bad to have stackable gems and runes? I personally would love to have charm exclusive inventory. More stash? Where is the harm?. Bugs? Glitches? Get rid of them, don't use nostalgia as an excuse.

I dream with a Diablo 2 endgame mode where you enter a dungeon, solo or in a group, and advance through endless levels to see how many you clear. I'm sure many of you have great ideas to keep the game fresh and STILL have the same core mechanics we all like.

At the end…my friends…if you want to keep the authentic Diablo 2 experience, you can play the authentic game right now. But…why deny 20 years of possible improvements?. Or just play the remaster the same way you play the original and ignore new features.

The bad thing, at least for me, is that even though the game looks great, they are going to leave it the same it was. No new features, no balance changes, no new content. The only thing they mention was the shared stash or I'm forgetting something?

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I love this game. I really do. But that doesn't mean we should ignore 20 years that passed since we first played it. It was as beautiful as we remember but it has flaws.

Reading your comments I see a lot of people saying: "Just install mods". I mean…I like mods but it shouldn't be an excuse to not include new things on the game.

I don't want more and better loot. I don't want to reset my char everytime I feel like. I don't want character specific loot…hell no. I don't want it to be easier.

I just want it to be better.

I know the difference between a remake and a remaster. For me one of the better examples of a good remaster is Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. Look how many improvements AND new content we have in that game while keeping the same core game. Sure… With new content or features there is a risk of breaking something, like with the new AoE DE DLC. But it isn't something that some balance patches wouldn't fix. People (casuals and pros) that have been playing AoE for 20 years have said there is no reason to go back to play the old versions of the game, even with a great modding community that keep the game alive for so long. That's because the REMASTER was fantastic. And that's what I want for Diablo 2.

From the top of my head, what do I want?

Stackable runes and gems. Maybe some new rune words or cube recipes. As someone who did thousands of Baal and Mephisto runs. I just want something more for the endgame. A horde-like mode where your only goal is to survive or an endless dungeon with no loot only enemies, to see how many levels you clear solo or with friends. Maybe even some addition to the PVP.

I don't see how any of this change the CORE of the game. And like I said in a previous comment, if you feel like a hardcore badass for having 2 flawed rubies using 2 inventory slots then do it that way.

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