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Unpopular Opinion: Remastered D2 Should Start At Patch 1.09 … The Best Patch of Diablo II

diablo17 - Unpopular Opinion: Remastered D2 Should Start At Patch 1.09 ... The Best Patch of Diablo II

I’ve been playing these games since Diablo 1 released and I’ve put more time into Diablo II than every other game I’ve ever played combined; I love this game.

With that being said, I’m surprised everyone is arguing over whether or not to put in new content and just ignoring the fact that the current state of Diablo II LOD is almost a completely different game as it was at launch, and in my opinion, not as good.

It goes without saying that while I miss 1.08 the most, there were several items that were so OP and broken that it will counter the point I’m about to make. However, 1.09 in my opinion was Diablo II perfection and every patch after that got a little bit worse.


To get right to the point, the addition of Runes worsened the game. Patch 1.11 essentially made 95% of the Exceptional and even Elite Uniques completely pointless to use or search for… and In my opinion that was the best part of Diablo 1, Diablo 2 classic, and the beginnings of LOD. The addition of words like Enigma, Breath of the Dying, Call to Arms added Godlike abilities and turned the game into an ez pZ jerkoff contest, not to mention removed the need for teamwork and cross class party creation.

Oh wow, you found The Windforce ? The rarest Bow in the game? The one that has unfathomable drop odds? Who cares, make a ‘Faith’ like everyone else because it’s a worthless piece of crap.

Oh wow, you found The Grandfather ? The rarest and most powerful unique Sword in the game? The one that has almost ridiculous odds to drop in any game? Who cares it’s a piece or crap… even a low % Enhanced Damage BOTD leaves it in the fuc*ing dust.

Oh wow, you found a Schaefer’s Hammer ? The rarest and most sought after Zeal weapon in the entire game? Can I see it?! Oh wait, it sucks compared to even a 355% BOTD zerker Axe… sell it to Charsi if she even wants it…


8 hammer Paladins with Enigmas and HOTOs obliterate everything in the game in less frames than it takes to see them move on the screen AFTER teleporting immediately to the end of the Map without the use of a Sorceress in your party…. just doesn’t seem right.

When they first added Runes, people were excited because they were just extra utility to use on sockets… an Ethereal Hellslayer axe was usually Vendor trash but now can be saved with a Zod and be used by a Barbarian to actually oppose the Grandfather damage that’s so hard to find etc… okay cool!

1.10 words .. weaker than the best Uniques but allow you to start a ladder season without wearing crappy blues and rares off of Normal Andy … okay cool!

1.11 words … stronger than everything in the game by 100 miles… making dozens and dozens of Elite and Exceptional Unique Armor and Weapons, that have Lore going back to Diablo 1 in some cases, completely irrelevant and worthless to look for.

1.12 Words … who cares, none of them are as good as Enigma of COH and it’s almost like no thought was put into them at all if 1.11 still exists.

The unique items and lore are core to the Diablo experience in my opinion, and when they are essentially deemed worthless, the game is worse off.

TLDR AT MINIMUM I’d like a Rollout of Classic D the way that Classic Wow did it… in patches with the same amount of time as the original rollout. Give those old items a chance to be relevant even if it’s just for 6 months. If you’re not going to create new and difficult content that actually makes the 1.11 words Necessary outside of having Thanos power… then at least give the items from prior patches a chance to be necessary.

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